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RAKtivist: Marceen

My name is Marceen Farsakian. As a first grade teacher, I try to center myself around kind, caring people. Teaching young children is my happy place. During my thirty years of teaching it has always been my belief to teach the whole child. To me, meeting the social and emotional needs of a child is just as important, if not more important, than teaching academics. Students seem to grow in all areas when a safe, positive, and nurturing environment is provided for them.

At the beginning of each school year I set a goal for myself; get organized, try new strategies for classroom management, focus on the good, etc. One year I remember telling myself I would focus on the practice of kindness. I would be kind to my students, parents, staff members, and myself. That year ended up being one of my most difficult years as a classroom teacher, but I grew profoundly as a human. Being kind did make the difference. Kindness is contagious.

Teaching kindness creates an environment of mutual care and respect. Students become invested in their school. They are secure in the fact that they belong and their being there matters. I believe that when students feel secure, trusted, and respected then they will take risks, take ownership in their actions, and they will have success in all areas. Sharing the teaching of kindness to children has taken me on a beautiful new journey. I started a Kind Kids Club in my class and over the last four years it has grown into a school-wide program. Our kind kids come to life when they are carrying out one of our many RAKs. Their smiles and giggles are magical.

My Kind Kids inspire me every day. I am grateful and truly blessed to be able to do what I do! Kindness has changed my world; let it change yours!

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Marceen, Your story prompted me to quote Dr. Becky A. Bailey from her book Conscious Discipline, p.59, "Classrooms and schools need to embrace community, not as a strategy, but as an ideology that reflects the heart of humanity." What wisdim 30 years has given you and everyone around you.
about 5 years ago