Kindness Starts With One®

One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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Helping Out

The other day I was on duty in the lunchroom. To be honest, that is quite a hard job. It is not at all easy to monitor 600 students and everything that goes along with that: having them pick up their own trash, talking back or swearing, and everyday issues that come up with so many students in one place. We were dismissing tables from the lunch room, but there was one table that still had trash on it. I asked the students to pick up the trash and most of them ignored me. I went to pick it up, but a student came by who had not been sitting at that table, and picked it up for me without being asked. Little things like that just make the day so much better and shows me that people are really good and want to make the world better.


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