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Family Ties

This story didn't happen to me directly. I heard it shortly after I was hired which immediately cemented the fact that I made the right choice in joining the AEG family. One of my co-workers was in dire straights because her husband had recently been diagnosed with cancer. A few weeks prior, when he suddenly became ill but before the diagnosis, my co-worker had to use all of her sick hours to assist him because they couldn't afford a private nurse. Stressed and without options, my co-worker was at her wits' end on what to do. One member of her work family stepped up and, with the company's approval, was allowed to transfer their PTO hours so that she could spend her husband's remaining hours of life at his side. Shortly thereafter he passed away. My co-worker expressed to me the appreciation, love, and support she felt from her AEG family. Friends ask me what I you like about working for AEG; I simply tell them "AEG gets it". They get what is important. They value family, health, community, acknowledging an employee's hard work, and giving employees a fair shot to compete and grow. I could not ask for more.


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