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Breaking Fast in North Carolina

Last year my husband and I took a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and to Kure Beach, North Carolina. We were able to take a ferry from South Carolina to an island on North Carolina, where we would meet up later that day with friends. We decided to stop at a small restaurant for breakfast on the island. The restaurant was quite crowded and there was at least a 30-minute wait. A young couple sat down next to us on a bench and proceeded to chat. We found out that they were newly married and trying to start a family. The husband was engaged in a conversation with my husband about his job and the wife shared that she works in a preschool. They also talked about how they were trying to make ends meet but they decided to treat themselves to breakfast that day. Soon our table was ready and we said it was nice chatting with you and wished them good luck in the future. Their table was ready about ten minutes after we were seated. When the waitress came to take our order we asked her to please include the young couple's order with ours but not to tell them until we had paid the bill and left. We left them a note to enjoy the breakfast on us and to Pay it Forward when they could. I often wonder about them and hope that we made their day!


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