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Giving For Healing

Our eldest child, Anne, is now age 31 and a beautiful loving mum of three children. Prior to her boys' births, she had a very sad few years experiencing three miscarraiges. Very soon after the first miscarriage, she began a ministry through her church called "The Basket Ministry". Inside the beautiful baskets she creates are candles, prayer cards, chocolates, a china tea cup, a Rosary, and a beautiful book entitled "After Miscarriage". She just recently made up one for a young mum who lost her full-term baby boy. Our daughter is one of those angels who walks through the world with one goal: to make a difference, by reaching out to those who are hurting. She has been blessed to have met so many wonderful families who were lost in their moments of grief and appreciated our daughter's warm way of listening as they opened their hearts. She travels down from the Sunshine coast where she resides in Powell River to deliver these baskets. On some occassions, my husband and I are blessed to offer the delivery service if she is too busy as a working RN and mum of those busy grandsons of ours. She also works as a youth minister for the teenagers in her town and reaches out to many who are in very difficult situations at home. We are so blessed to have such an inspiring child who continues to teach us that actions speak the most loving words to others.


Dan and Kathryn Sickavish

Burnaby, BC