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Hello, my name is Rebecca. At the time of writing this, I am 13 years old. And I'd like to tell you about my best friend, Borislava.

She is Bulgarian, but speaks English very well and is even learning Japanese! (Yes, because of animes) When she first came to my school, she wanted to be my friend. That was years ago. She's still my friend even now! Although we're at different high schools now, she still talks to me and I go to her house sometimes. I'm surprised by it actually, since the friends that are at my school don't want to be my friends anymore. I can't make new friends either, because hardly anyone likes me. In all fairness, I'm not the nicest person, and I can see how it's kind of my fault. I'm trying to be better, and it's working, bits at a time.

But things have gotten sad, and I might even say that I'm feeling a little depressed. Kids make fun of me for absolutely nothing or normal things, scrapping the bottom of the barrel for any insult or joke about me they can think of to make themselves laugh. I even got attacked once by someone, pushed down onto a stair and hit, but that's not the nicest story.

So things aren't the best at the moment. But Borislava's little text pop ups on my phone help so, so much. A ridiculous amount! Thank you, Borislava. Thank you for staying by me always, even when I wasn't the nicest person.

I need ideas for a big act of kindness to repay her for all she has done!

  • I hope your life gets better! Here's a suggestion for something that you could do for her. Since, you said she likes anime, you could buy her a figure of her favorite character from her favorite anime. Or you could always buy her the manga of that anime or just merch in general. If that doesn't seem big enough or something is preventing you from doing so, you could take her out to do some stuff that she likes. Hope that my suggestion helps a bit!

    Seish Birds

    over 3 years ago

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