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Public park

When I walk in a public park in the city on a good-weather-day, I am stunned by how many lonely people I encounter, walking alone or sitting alone on benches. Last week, during a walk in a park in a foreign city, I got the following idea: We would have color coded benches near the entrance of a park or even within a park, with each color having a meaning attached to it. For example, blue could mean "I would not mind having a nice chat with another person"; green could mean "I would not mind having a nice walk with another person"; red could mean "I prefer to enjoy the park alone". Can you imagine how such a simple intervention could reduce loneliness and how much it could increase kindness? I am living in a rural part of Malaysia where there are no parks. But I would be really happy if someone could make the above idea work and increase kindness while reducing loneliness in a fabulous way.


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