The Smile Spread

Submitted by Hannah brink from Strum Wisconsin

One day I smiled at someone and they smiled back they smiled at another person and it went on and on one million starts with one!,!

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While sitting in the lobby area of a diner or restaurant, take a look around at the others beside you. Anyone sitting and waiting alone? Take a chance, sit by them, strike up a conversation, get to know them and then ask them to join you for your meal. An added extra would be to treat them (with kindness and pay for their meal). Most of the time these are elderly that are alone in life and get out once in a while so they can just see other humans. Be human, be kind and be inviting....they will forever be in your hearts, trust me. I've done it and its amazing !! Christine from Shapleigh, Maine

With gas prices soaring, give something that doesn't cost you anything. A smile costs you nothing, but makes the other person feel better. It takes more wrinkles to frown than it does to smile. If I can make someone's day by giving a smile away. If I can encourage someone with a smile then it was worthwhile. SMILE(See Me I Love Encouraging)!!! Sheila Pitts from Roebuck, Sc

Good Goin! God from Heaven

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