Kindness Starts With One®

One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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I Was Inspired By A Story

I was inspired by the story on your website about fostering and adopting animals. When i saw this story it answered what i would want to do in the future. It would make me feel great about myself helping animals to get adopted so there is more space for more animals. I think its really good to start with adopting a pet, Because there is a lot of happiness in adopting a pet. There is a lot of things u can do with your dog like teach them tricks like sit,speak, and shake hands. There is a lot of things that u can also do with cats like play with them with laser pointers. This is what mostly inspired me about animals adopting them so there is more room.


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