My Act Of Kindness

Submitted by AA from Tucson, AZ

My act of kindness was to tell my mom that I LOVE HER.First I went home and ate some food. Then I told my mom that I love her.She got really happy.My mom said that she loves me also.So we huged each other and laughed .This act of kindness was not hard because I do these every day.We also sat down and talk.At least this was a good homework.

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that was a nice story Kloe Hillestad from Eleva Strum

That's a good thing to do I'm sure she really liked that!!! Justice from Strum

YYYAAAYYY FOR WHOEVER WROTE THIS YYYAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mariah from Vancouver B.C.

I do two things somewhat consistently. I put out my neighbors trash when I see that it's full and not on the curb. Also, as I'm passing/driving by, I pick up trash in parks, streets, anywhere I can do it safely. Makes me feel good about keeping our community more litter-free Karen Jackson from Sparks, Nv

Saw a Veteran in Subway and bought his supper. Let him know his service to this was greatly appreciated. P Thornton from Anderson Sc

At the local craft store, there was a mother in another checkout line with two cranky children. I let her in front of me in my line so she could be checked out sooner. The grateful look on her face made my few extra minutes in line worth it. Jolene Eriksen from Des Moines, Ia

So cute! Rashida from Ottawa

My act of kindness was to talk to people I'd never usually talk to - so in the shops, I said hi and chatted a little to the shop assistents, in the cafe at the library a lady came and sat at my table and we talked for some time. On the bus on the way home I started talking to the girl who was sitting behind me - and all this might never have happened if I hadn't found this website! It helps you to think of people as individuals rather than shop assistents, etc. and it really enriches your life! Thank you, RAK xxx Natasha from Uk

really nice!!!!! Shruti from Uttrakhand

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