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One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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Unexpected Helper

We are in a shared preschool classroom with 50+ other students. One of the other classes reported a case of head lice. As the typical scene unfolded, I gathered up any dramatic, puppets, pillows, etc. No one wanted to take home laundry, much less possible lice laundry. That left two of the eight teachers and assistants to scrounge up change to take the items to the local laundry-mat at lunchtime. It was raining and beginning to hail as I was carrying in the bags. A bus driver who was walking by saw me carrying bags and asked if he could help. I asked if he could carry half and I would get the other bags. Some days it really helps when someone shows a little humanity, especially when your everyday cohorts are too busy to be as kind.