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Finding Max

My husband and his colleague were travelling on a remote road in South Australia. Thirty kilometres from the nearest town, they came upon a dog in the darkness walking along the side of the road.

He was old and very tired but happily jumped in their work vehicle. The men turned around and headed back to Coober Pedy. There, they stopped at the local Police Station which was closed at the time. Using Facebook, they found a lost dog post and contacted the owner. The 13-year-old dog had been missing for 6 days and she was starting to lose hope.

The men dropped Max off with his owner and then headed back out.


FEBRUARY 28, 2019
#LOVE thank you to the men in the picture, who took the time to help his fubaby..

FEBRUARY 24, 2019
I love happy endings. Thank you fellas you did good.

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