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Honoring Candy

My sister, Candy, was less than a year older than me. She was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 7. She suffered for years with this merciless disease. At that time, there wasn't a great understanding of the disease and much of the time, treatments of any sort were hit or miss. She was in the hospital for long periods of time, but she was always cheerful, made others laugh, and always looked out for people in any situation. She was a great reader, and I, being a year younger, would spend lots of time in the hospital with her visiting. She would read to me. It is one of my dearest memories. She was sick and still gave of herself to others. She passed from complications when she was 26. She had always been my hero and I was devastated for years. I moved to Washinton to be near family, met Kevin, and married him. We had two daughters and I named my youngest after her. Now I am 65 years old and I've written, illustrated, and self-published a children's book titled Zip-Line Mice with a companion coloring book of the illustrations. I sell my books and 100% of profits go to buying unused books for pediatric wards and children's hospitals. It is important to give unused books to these children due to immune issues. This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I do it all in Candy's memory. Reading aloud to a child provides a time of rest and an expression of care they will always remember.

Grace and Peace,

Blue Bell Honeymouse

aka K. L. Taylor


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