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Changing the Law
Submitted by Shyamaladeepika

I am sharing a story about my father, whose act of kindness cannot be forgotten and was the very basic start of learning. It was a rainy day and my father was driving his car passing on the highway coming home from work. This happened many years ago when I was a kid. The law then was not so strong that would support people, especially the ones who meet with an accident. It so happened that my father spotted a man lying on the road after being hit by a vehicle and blood was oozing very badly. He was surrounded by people, but no one helped because they were scared that if he died the case would shift onto them. My father immediately got out of the car and took the injured man to a government hospital where he was admitted. My father came home and his shirt was full of blood stains. My mother asked if he is hurt. He replied no and narrated what had happened. The car was full of stains and anyone would get scared seeing them. The only thing he said was, “If we start thinking about laws and stop helping, we will never go ahead in life; then, helping all humanity and relationships between one another is lost." In those days, until and unless a complaint was registered, even the doctors would not do the treatment; only the government hospitals are allowed to deal with the accident cases. One thing we need to understand is people are scared about the law and they are scared to go ahead to help a person in need. One has to learn and teach the values of helping which bonds one another and let’s us know we are humans with heart. This was the start of his story. Now my father is an MLA “Vishnu Kumar Raju” who fights for people and has helped and will be helping.

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Such a moving story, your father sounds like an amazing man and has shown that he didn't care what others thought and chose kindness over the law.
almost 4 years ago