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Changing the Rules
Submitted by Kate

Some people call him Isaac and some people call him inspirational. His sisters call him brother, but for all, he is simply KIND. This photo sums up his attitude in life, and his attitude to me, his Mum. Isaac has a rare medical condition called Hypopituitarism. He is on daily medicine and daily injections, but you would not know it. Throughout all his hospital trips and visits, Isaac’s main concern has been me, the nurses, school; he cares for anything and anyone other than himself. This year, at the age of 15, he was supposed to be going on a school trip to China. A two-year long anticipated trip from UK to China. He got a job, he saved up, he started Mandarin lessons, and he started a count-down timer. He learned to use chop sticks. With five weeks to go until he was due to leave, the school retracted his place on the trip because they did not feel they could take him with his health concerns. Telling him the news was the hardest thing I have EVER done. Heartbreak and disappointment do not cover the look on his face as I told him he would not be going with his friends to China, he would be staying at home because they cannot take him. As he saw me crying and my look of total helplessness at the situation, he simply said, "Let me get a tissue, your tears are going on your jeans. I will be okay." After I explained the situation to him, he asked to speak to the school directly. Not to be angry or cross and not to vent frustration, but he wanted to talk to them about why this happened so they can change things for the future, so that no one else gets disappointed. That’s who he always is. His attitude is truly amazing and to me, he is the epitome of KIND to the core.


He has a beautiful smile that is able to change the world! I can see why you would be so proud of him! He has a special gift of patience and compassion.
about 1 year ago

He is so cute! So blessed to see that he is spreading kindness in the world. He has amazing parents
about 1 year ago