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Fundraising for Aleks' Life
Submitted by Donna Roberts

Three days after Aleks' beautiful Dorset beach wedding in October 2015, this beautiful lady was diagnosed with breast cancer. We are asking for everyone to donate £3, the price of a takeaway coffee, and then share the link to this page on their Facebook. If friends donated in kind, we would d easily raise much needed funds. Please, please if you can spare even £1. A close friend has metastatic breast cancer. The cancer was originally found in one lung, but now it is in two. An incredible lady at the young age of 36, Aleks has battled Breast Cancer for 3 years. She is a Mum of young children, aged 6 and 10. We want to help give her the the best chance of seeing her children grow up. The current treatment has stopped working and the hospital is now trying a new option. We all hope this will work, but if it doesn’t we need to have a Plan B. There shouldn’t be a price on life but, sadly, sometimes that's what it comes down to. Aleks has now been referred to the Royal Marsden, London and this fund will support her and her family whilst they go through treatment by providing transport, hotel costs, and potentially, if necessary, overseas treatment in the future. Let’s get that plan B in place now, for treatments or even to let the family have quality time together on a great holiday. Please help this amazing Mum see her children grow up and live the life she deserves. Please help! Every pound and every share will get us closer to giving them the comfort and peace of mind they need. Please just do what you can.

#SkipACoffee #SaveALife


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