Mom Turned Kindness Advocate, Veronica Mollica

Submitted by Brady BradyBrady on February 2, 2016

Veronica mollica

Veronica Mollica, Cyber Security Recruiter

More than anything else in the world, kindness matters most to me. 

Everything we think, say, and do matters, and the choice to be kind, moment-to-moment, affects how we feel.  As a mom, I am always looking for ways to teach my kids the profound power of kind thoughts toward themselves, kind words towards others, and kind actions towards family, friends, classmates, and strangers.  Kindness also has an amazing win-win affect, because you think you are doing good for others, but you end up benefiting in the process!

Since our kids spend so much time at school and with their peers, I was inspired to create a “Kindness Matters” program at their school and in our community which focuses on cultivating a "Culture of Kindness” 365 days a year. We aspire to create deeper, respectful connections in our families, schools, workplaces, and communities and inspire one another to live from a place of love, empathy, compassion, acceptance & celebration of each other’s differences, and generosity & stewardship of one another’s spirits. 

Instead of focusing on anti-bullying campaigns and culturally accepting that name calling, teasing, and put downs as a “normal”, albeit perplexing, way for kids to feel significant, powerful, and in control, it is my sincere hope that we can teach kids at home and at school that there are much more positive and deeply fulfilling ways to feel good about themselves, feel empowered, and become leaders, and the way to do this his is to uplift, encourage, and believe in one another, and NEVER, EVER tear each other down.

I believe that the best way to realize our full potential is raise our collective consciousness by embracing that we are all connected and that kindness toward ourselves, others, animals, the planet and all living thing is the path to peace and happiness, and for this awareness to guide all of our decisions and ways we interact with one another.

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about 1 year ago
Good For you!!!!
Angela Elias

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