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A Cold Wet Night

Submitted by Teresa Griffiths from Uk

One cold night I was driving home after putting the horses to bed & I noticed something in the bus shelter - although soaking wet & freezing cold myself I stopped shining my torch into the bus shelter & realised that the bundle was in fact a poor man who was obvisiously down on his luck. I shouted over to check that all was ok & saw shivering man trying his best to stay out of the elements.

"Hold on!"...

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A Cup Of Kindness

Submitted by Denise Romano from Sandy Hook, CT

I drove forward

After ordering my coffee

Wondering if someone

Would pull in behind me

A cup of kindness

Was in the air

I'll pay for the customer

In my mirror

Ready at the window

To express my intent

"Your coffee's been paid for"

Smiled the attendant

Gratitude for the moment


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Submitted by Sonny Nguyen from Denny's

I was having breakfast at Denny's in Evansville, IN with my wife, Cheryl, (fiancé at the time of the incident)and she saw this gentleman with his two daughters. My fiance and I looked at each other and said, "It takes a lot of love, patience, and commitment to raise kids and he has one with special needs." We both quickly asked our waitress if it was okay for us to pay for the gentleman's and his daughters breakfast because we...

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Princess Stickers

Submitted by Debbie Morenz from Greer,S.C.

I work in a grocery store in Greer South Carolina. Eight months ago I bought some princess stickers to give out to the little girls that come in shopping with their moms. While at work the other night I heard this tiny little voice saying"ma'am, ma'am do you know where the lady is that gives out the princess stickers?"The little girl could not have been more than three or four years old and remembered the stickers I handed out...

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Community Building

Submitted by Julia from Bay Area, California

I am a high school English teacher at a low socio-economic school. Students often leave the campus because it has a reputation of high gang violence and low academic success. To work on this, I have created a project for my students where they will be making a photo journal of random acts of kindness. We will begin the acts by starting small (e.g. cleaning up the campus) and we will slowly move to bigger assignments throughout the community-...

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Unexpected Baby

Submitted by Carol Buchan from Lincolnshire

At the age of 43 I found out I was pregnant and I had already given away all my baby things after being told it was very unlikely I'd ever have another child after an accident. We had moved to a small village far away from both our families. To my delight when other mothers in the village heard there was a steady stream of friends to our house offering baby clothes and equipment. One woman even gave me...

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Help Me Provide Random Acts Of Kindness

Submitted by Erin from US Virgin Islands

Hi all!! I have been inspired to help those in need; humans, animals, and nature alike. I have a great desire to provide random acts of kindness, whether it be buying lunch for the homless man on the street, donating monthly to a local animal shelter, buying new school clothes for the poor kid down the block, Christmas presents for all the children in the local hospital, or even as ambitious as someday building education facilities in the world...

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No Gas

Submitted by SC from Charlotte NC

I was driving back from class when I noticed that my car was quickly running out of gas, I assumed I could make it to a gas station but instead my car stopped going up a hill near a dangerous intersection, I terrified and didn't know what to do. All of a sudden two awesome guys came down and asked me if I needed help, I told them what happened and one of the guys ran to his truck,...

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A Few Extra Bucks

Submitted by Serena from DE

I am 16 and this past week, I visited my grandparents where my aunt who lives far away was staying for a few nights for a family visit. My mom had told me all the updates of how my aunt's money issues were rapidly getting worse, and I always felt so bad for her.

My aunt also has three very young little boys, along with some serious heart problems, so there is a lot of financial difficulty....

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Magical Po Box

Submitted by Kelley-Jean from Vermont

RAK #11! Thank you for the gift card for groceries.....Perfect timing as I prepare to send my youngest daughter off to college! Still looking for a job, but have been working per diem at a local office and have a working interview next week...will keep you posted, but I am keeping the faith! Thank you and God Bless!

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