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A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way.

Submitted by Conor Ferry and Anna Morusiewicz from Bloomsburg, PA and Morristown, NJ

My girlfriend, Anna dropped me off at a local salon to get my hair cut. While I was there, she ran to a coffee shop to get a coffee and a little breakfast snack. She ordered and pulled up to the window, only to find out the person in front of her had paid for her order. She came back to pick me up and was excited to tell me how kind it was for the person in front...

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$5 Tim Hortons Gift Cards

Submitted by C from ontario

every summer my mom and i play the $20 dollar game - we each get 4 $5 gift cards and have to figure out who will be the recipient of our little gesture ...

* we snuck one in the neighbours mailbox - with a note thanking them for have such a well behaved dog, it never barks when we walk by - wish our dogs would learn that one

* the gal at the...

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Landlord Reduced Rent

Submitted by Billie from Oregon Coast

I am disability because my back and neck have gone out. I have a 19 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome. After 4 months of living here, the owners reduced my rent by $50 a month because I take care of the house and property. A rare act of kindness that has helped us a lot!

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The Smile From Heart

Submitted by Gokul Mukundan from Thrissur,Kerala, INDIA

When i was walking through the busy city of Thrissur..., I saw a beggar who seems like 70+ on the roadside ,struggling to get up ,horrible... i couldn't pass through without giving him a helping hand.. I went near him, gave him an hand, it seems like he was starving...

I gave him a 10 ruppees note and said "take it., it may help you to get a tea"... But he refused it by saying " No,...

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Keeping The Homeless Warm And Dry!

Submitted by Corinne Hindes from Walnut Creek, CA

When I was 11 years old, I became aware of the homeless on the streets of my community. I noticed that many of them did not have warm clothing to protect them in the cold winter months. I was a ski racer, and saw the Lost and Found at my ski resort overflowing with warm coats, hats and gloves. I founded Warm Winters, with my best friend Katrine, and began picking up the unclaimed Lost and Found clothing from...

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My Friends In A City Called Tete

Submitted by Anna from Mozambique

At 18, my life was changed. Turning from a life of partying, drugs, and selfishness, I now have my dreams come true. As a child I dreamed to be a Christian missionary and help the poor, suffering, and abandoned kids and adults in different parts of the world. I have given up my life in America to serve the people of Mozambique, Africa. As I was studying portuguese in Tete, I'd notice daily those who sit on the city...

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A Much Needed And Appreciated Lift

Submitted by George Lloyd from UK

My wife and I (I am 68 years old) would like to thank the lovely couple who were out walking their dogs in Tatton Park, Cheshire yesterday afternoon (10th July 2014) at about 4:30. We had been out since 8 am and had a good, but tiring day walking the Park, Gardens and Mansion. We had walked from Knutsford Railway Station to the Park, but planned to get the bus back at about 3:30 , but every road we went...

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Damsels In Distress

Submitted by Christopher from Sutton Coldfield, UK

After a lovely evening with my best friend, I pulled in at Shell to fill up my car for the long drive home. It was about 00:30 and there was just me and two girls with a very overheated, broken down Vauxhall Corsa. When I was paying for my petrol I asked the cashier whether they were going to be OK and he said he hoped so. So when I went outside I asked them how they were and...

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Going Bald!

Submitted by Lauren from San Antonio, TX

In March 2014, my coworker found out she had stage 3 lymphoma cancer. She & I weren't very close, but we would sometimes chat in the break room.

When she shared with me that she got cancer, my heart sank. Just a few short years ago I lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer, so I know cancer is serious & scary.

My coworker started chemo treatments right away, and right after her first treatment she...

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Stealing A Smile!

Submitted by Parvati Natarajan from Bangalore, India

At breakfast, I noticed two guys on the next table ordering bread and the complimentary gravy after thoroughly studying the menu for a while. It looked like they couldn't afford anything further, so why not make their day I thought. I walked out of the restaurant quietly, paying their bill along with mine.

They'll never know the face of who put a smile on theirs today.

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