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Submitted by Maddie from Guildford, Surrey

I was in town at the shopping centre looking for clothes when a boy who looked about my age, 16, came over to my friend and I and said 'You girls look like you could do with some roses.' He then pulled out a rose for each of us. They were beautiful red roses and we were both surprised that this stranger had randomly given them to us. It really cheered us up, so thankyou stranger!

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Greggs For Rak

Submitted by Corinne from Norwich

celebrating the completion of my 'trauma timeline' in therapy, popped into Greggs to buy a cake.

Bought a latte and hot sausage roll for the disabled homeless man I passed on the underpass too, because I could, and I wanted to help in a small way

His tears and blessing made me cry, too.

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"Just Because You're Beautiful"

Submitted by Josie Bowles from Indianapolis, IN

This tradition was started by my mom in 2008. My mom, my brothers, my sister, and I all go to the cancer treatment center that my mom attended with a bucket of 50+ flowers. Each patient, doctor, and nurse receives a flower and a smile from one of us. "What is this flower for?" they would ask and our response is "its just because you're beautiful." As this went on we would add even more of our own special...

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Rak'd By A French Bus Driver

Submitted by Sonia Ellem from Port Stephens, NSW Australia

It was 1975. I was 18 years old, had just finished school and was travelling for the first time. I got on a bus in Paris and asked the driver to stop at the closest location to the Saint Michel Youth Hostel in Paris's Latin Quarter. After about 40 minutes the driver stopped the bus dead in the middle of an 8 lane highway - I do mean in the middle (on about lane 5). He motioned to me...

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Enjoy Any Direction

Submitted by Michael Moncado from Kansas City, Mo. 64116

This year my grandson Nathan will be celebrating his 11th birthday. This year we will celebrate the day by doing 11 random acts of kindness. Each year, I make the trip to St. Louis from Kansas City to celebrate his birthday.

This year I plan to give Nathan a small treasure chest filled will various coins. Of course, he will have to work at getting the clues to find this buried treasure.

I am still...

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Taking An Elderly Lady Home From Hospital.

Submitted by Carolle Mills from Norfolk, UK

After my appointment at the hospital today I overheard an elderly lady ask the person at the help desk to order her a taxi. On hearing that the location that she lived, although it was quite a few miles out of our way would be possible to take a detour and take her home. I asked her if she would like my daughter and I to take her and she gratefully accepted. She was very interesting and charming as...

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Acts Of Kindness

Submitted by nancy frisby from wayne, wv

helping families with things they need an cant afford. Food, clothing and tires on ther vehicle. I also buy christmas for several children thru christmas wishes. Also as a 18 wheeler driver my fiance and donate to truckers for tots our company also ask the drivers to donate to truckloads of treasures for each state we have a terminal in which we donate too. We have 5 states that have terminals. We also buy soliders lunch or dinner when...

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Sorry To My Daughter

Submitted by Muhammad Khalid from Dubai

Three year back when my daughter was six year old , we went in shopping mall. she was standing with exit sliding door. suddenly her arm caught in between sliding door. she started crying. i was paying bill on cash counter. As i saw i rush to her and hold the door with full of my power. but door motor was so powerful that it was pushing me away and her arm further was going inside. My daughter was...

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Anonymous Hero

Submitted by Low Chin Hong from Malaysia

When I was 17 years old, my friend and I decided to go to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia to buy a birthday present for our classmate. After we bought the present, I was on my way home all by myself when my friend had a gathering with his friends from his primary school. I was a bit confused by the map because this was my first time to take LRT(light rail transit). I realized I took...

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No Strings Attached.

Submitted by Perpetua from Burnaby BC Canada

I am a recipient of kindness and it left an indelible ink in my soul. Question: How do you accept and react to kindness?

A wonderful experience happened to me this Saturday on the way to the mall. Two children, a boy and a girl, came running towards me with bottles on their hands if I want to have bottled water. It was a surprising gesture and unsure whether this was for real. I wondered if they were doing fund-raising....

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