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With Hope, “All Things Are Possible.”

Submitted by Diana Ir from Denver, Colorado, USA

December 23, 2011. It was 2 PM on a Friday afternoon, two days before Christmas.

I walked to the surgical waiting room (WR) in the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) at 5 PM. I looked around for a glimpse of the population in the WR. I noticed that the room was very quiet, not crowded, but there were a few visitors waiting for their loved ones. One visitor, we’ll call her, Ms. X, particularly caught my attention because she was...

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Bathroom Rak!

Submitted by Ashley from Oswego New York

Today while in the bathroom...  Yes I said bathroom hahaaha :) I had an idea for a random act of kindness!! I looked at the tampon and napkin machine, while drying my hands. I decided to put a quarter and a RAK card in an envelope, and taped it to these machines in a couple bathrooms in different buildings on the SUNY Oswego campus. On the envelope, i wrote "for someone who needs it!"

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A Hundred Paper Cranes

Submitted by Vic from Fraser Valley, BC

I was in a craft store a few months back and found a package of 100 pieces of origami paper. I purchased it and on the way home I decided I was going to figure out how to fold origami cranes. I started with one cranes, that lead to two...three...and before I knew it I had 100 cranes sitting on my table. I then thought about what I'd do with all of these cranes. I thought I'll leave them for...

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A Lifetime Of Kindness

Submitted by Adrian Skelly from Edinburgh, Scotland.

This is not a story about a single act of kindness, it's about one mans lifetime of love and kindness towards others. My wee dad passed away on the 8th of April 2014, he would have been 82 years old on the 15th of April. While he was small in stature, he was a giant in his capacity for love of his family, as well as kindness and consideration towards everyone; be they family, friends or complete strangers. Throughout his...

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Communities In Schools Rak Week At Harlandale Middle School

Submitted by Jessica Hannah from San Antonio

CIS coordinated a Random Acts of Kindness Week at HMS to spread kindness and love to all! Each day we had a special activity for students to engage in, as well as read kindness quotes on the morning announcements. Below is a brief outline of what occurred that week. Monday- Write a kind letter to a classmate, parent, or teacher. Students picked up template located on wall outside of CIS room beginning Monday to show their appreciation for their loved...

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Share Your K Indness

Submitted by Nalina Rodriguez from Thorton, CO

Share Your Kindness Giving kindness is a great thing. It shows you care, it doesn’t take too much time, it gives you a great feeling, and its free. I started learning about random acts of kindness this year. I am in 6th grade and 11 years old and I have discovered ways to spread my kindness to the world. I was in girl scouts with my friend a few weeks after we had learned about how amazing and easy it...

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Out Of Gas In The Middle Of The Night

Submitted by Penni Mc from Kansas City, MO

My son, Beau, lives in Denver and wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving but was able to get the weekend off before Thanksgiving, to go to a friend's wedding in KC. He and his girlfriend decided to drive through the night so they'd have as much time as possible with family. (Who needs sleep when you are 24 years old?) During Joy's turn to drive she ran the car out of gas at 3 AM, trying to make it to the...

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Passing On Joy

Submitted by Emma H from Northern Ireland

Today I filled a few bags of clothes and pretty things and brought it to a charity shop. I also bought a packet of 10 Easter cards for £1 I wrote a random message on 3 of them along with £1 wishing whoever finds it a lovely day :) I'm not rich but a total spend of £4 may just turn a few peoples days around.

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Kindness Only

Submitted by Madelyn Rodriguez from Thornton, CO

There is a time in everyone’s life where kindness is the only thing that matters. That time in my life seemed to come way too early. I am only a 12 year old in sixth grade, and my time for kindness came in the middle of fifth grade.

There was a girl, and I won’t name any names, but she thought she was everything. She thought she was better than everyone else, so of course, she made everyone who wasn’t...

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Submitted by keyara from oregon

I let a boy play with my soccer ball and before he left the park I gave him a crystal rock and a flower and then I said goodbye because it was time to go. I am 7 years old.

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