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Full Cats

Submitted by Danel' from

I love cats, so every time when I see cats outside,I regret all of them, especially in winter. First I gave to them food, when several years ago, I saw a little hungry cat. I went to the shop and bought the Whiskas. After that, it has become a habit for me. Every time when I see cat and have money, I buy the food for cat. This makes me happy =)

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The Bully Back Off

Submitted by Asia Wason from Spring hill florida

A kid at my school was getting shoved into lockers and was being beat up. He was crying. I stepped in and told the other boys off. "Leave him alone! Learn to not be jealous, because thats why you are mean to him! If I see it again, Im going to Deputy." They didnt even know me. They walked away from the boy, I helped him up. He said thanks and i just walked away. he doesnt even know...

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Bringing Tom Home

Submitted by Alice Walker from Essex, England

The morning before it happened I was
trying to decide whether to keep my cats in overnight to make sure
they did not miss their appointment the next day. As I walked my dog
in a nearby park I worried as I had not seen Tom that morning. Almost
at that very moment I thought this, he emerged from the bush to join
us on the walk.

I woke up one morning and started preparing to take...

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Submitted by Maryann Farrell from Marlton nj

Hi, I know this is not an act of kindness to people, but still an act of kindness.

Evey year when it's freezing cold and food is little for wildlife around New Jersey. I will take all and any scraps of food, buy a bag of peanuts, walnuts, etc. and anything anyone else wants to give ( family and friends ). I drive around and throw it into the wooded areas where the squirrels , fox, skunks,...

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My Act Of Kindness That Made A Great Impact On My Life...

Submitted by Akyl Akanov from Kazakhstan,Ust-Kamenogorsk

Once, when I was walking to the river with friends, I saw a boy lying on the grass.He looked only 10-11 years old. He seemed he was crying, and I immediately got close to him. When I got to him, I saw his leg, covered with blood. I was scared of it, because I have never seen such injury before. I started asking him if he slipped down or someone has bullied him. I was fascinated when the boy...

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We've Got You Covered. <3

Submitted by jessica furino from new jersey

Every year, our small group of women from our junior women's club reaches out to our community and implores them to donate new or gently used coats for our neighbors. We collect between 300 and 400 coats. A few years ago we began reaching out to our welfare department, schools and nursing homes to find out the exact sizes and gender for the coats, so we can sort specifically for the individuals. We have found, in our upper...

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Pesky Parking Tickets

Submitted by Elise from birmingham and the midlands

One Day I saw a lady who had no change for a parking ticket, An youngish couple were in the cue behind here and they gently slipped in front and bought two tickets the lady was so delighted that she went to the closest flower shop and bought some flowers then she went to the closest super market and bought some chocolate, so found the couple in the chemist near by, she walked into the shop and gave them...

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An Old Woman

Submitted by Ruslan from Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

It was usual day. I went from school to home but this time I decided to go by a long way with my classmates. On the way I saw an old woman which couldn't enter the house. I wanted to help her but my classmate said that she's sitting in the yard everyday asking for help and we should get round her. But I disobeyed and asked a woman on what floor her flat. She said that her flat...

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The Surprise Job Offer

Submitted by Colleen from Ohio

Last semester, I did my first early childhood practicum at a day care center. My cooperating teacher, Dawn was incredibly nice and put all her effort into helping me succeed. Now I'm in student teaching at a different center and I'm having a hard time with it. Last week, Dawn knew I was really upset and went to her boss and asked if I could have a job at the day care. Her boss was more than happy to...

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Kind Bartender

Submitted by John Purcell from Baltimore, Maryland

Several years ago while I was drinking a soda in my American Legion Post, a man came in, said he was homeless and needed some money for a meal. My senior aged female bartender is divorced and lives on a limited income. She gave him $5.00 from her wallet. After he left, she whispered to me,"I'm probably a fool, but I just couldn't turn him down!" I told her, "You did what you thought was right & if he...

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