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Helping Kids In Need

Submitted by Shanique Wyllie from Brooklyn, NY

Today I was approached by two teenagers that asked if I could buy them some food, and specifically said that they weren't asking for money. They just wanted some food because they had no food in their fridge at home. Being in NYC and passing panhandlers everyday, a lot of us New Yorkers are very paranoid about who we give money to as some of these people don't really need help. However, what got to me was when the...

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Kindness Is ...

Submitted by Lesly M from Chicago

complimenting someone, saying good luck, smiling to someone, hugs, making a joke, drawing someone a picture, cheering up a sad friend, baking your class cookies,etc. Kindness has no definite size, is as small as saying something nice to as big as sacrificing something. Kindness is effective no matter the size and should guarantee smiles.

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Rescue At Papa's Ranch

Submitted by Brad from Chattanooga

When I woke up in the morning, I went outside to feed the chickens. When I went to the shed, there was a mom kitty and she had kittens! I ran to my dad and we helped make a shelter for them. This was a week ago. We now have a cat and kittens in our house. We named her Caramel because of her fur. I love playing with the kittens. Rescuing them was the best thing ever!

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Helping Out Cats

Submitted by Kimberly from Denver

On a bright Tuesday afternoon in my small town of Denver, Colorado. I was walking down my porch steps only to be greater by a black figurine hissing at me. A black, green eyed kitten hissing at me, around this part of town you would never see something like that. I was scared at first but upon laying eyes on him I realized he was just a scared little baby. I called my husband and told him to bring...

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Kindness At The Grocery Store

Submitted by Hillary from Chicago, IL

A few months ago, I was at my neighborhood grocery store and I was waiting in line to pay for my things. There was an elderly woman behind me who was having trouble putting her things on the checkout conveyor belt, so I started helping her. I didn't realize that it was my turn in line to pay for my things, so when I went over to do doc the cashier told me that the lady who was in...

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Dunkin Donuts

Submitted by Karolina from Chicago

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Dunkin Donuts with my friend, Elijah. A man outside was asking for a small coffee and we agreed to buy him one. We came back with a large coffee, a croissant and a bagel with cream cheese. He continued thanking us for the next 10 minutes.

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Rak Coming Full Circle

Submitted by Rachel from Regina Saskatchewan

I'm not one to share the stories of when I've been kind to others; it is just who I am and how I know I must walk in this world. As my dad always taught me, giving is a selfish act... because it makes you feel so good inside!

The story that I do want to share is how one RAK came back to me yesterday, in a totally unexpected, surprising, and wonderful way.


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​Lucky Kitty

Submitted by Pawanrat from thailand

Lucky kitty

In the afternoon at my school i went to the canteen to have lunch, when i walked in i saw a young kitten playing with a girl and look at her food with hopeful eyes , i did not think much of it other than "what a cute cat",I walked near that kitten and beckon it . There was a grocer next to me and he explained...

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Donate Change Life

Submitted by Thanakorn Padoongthaksin from Phitsanulok

On last Sunday in the morning I donated some money about 50 baht to help heart-disease patient in Naresaun university hospital because to cure this disease cost so much and I really felt sympathize them, so there is only one way to help ,that is donating some money and encouraging.

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Hungry Man Make Me Feel Bad

Submitted by Nattawat Ruangwiroon from Phitsanulok

At night on last Monday my friend felt very hungry and he did not stock any food for

eating on that night and it was not comfortable to go to minimart because it was cold

and dark,so I gave him a box of milk and a pack of instant noodles.

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