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A Little Can Go A Long Way....

Submitted by Jazmine Corpus from American Canyon, Ca.

A couple of weeks ago my family of 6 and I went to eat brunch at a local cafe. The waitresses are always nice and the people who eat there are always very friendly and smiling at one another. You get a real sense of small town community which I appreciate very much. Not to mention, the food is always tasty! As we were finishing up our meals, the waitress approached us and had mentioned that another customer took...

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Take Time For Others

Submitted by Byron Hildebrand from Winnipeg Canada

I have had to apply for disability benefit due to Parkinson's. I needed a form filled out by my doctor. He sent it in and I waited three months to hear back from the government agency . I found out it had never arrived to them. I called the doctor requesting another one. I found out later that he filled it out and walked it him self to hand deliver it to them.

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Submitted by Amanda Le Noble from Geelong.

This evening I made six jars of lollies and put them on six random doorsteps for people to find first thing in the morning.

On the jars I stuck the RAK website on to promote this wonderful foundation, and just the general idea of RAK. I hope I can motivate people to be kinder to one another.

Thank you RAK for inspiring me to become a better person and to spread positive energy where I...

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Guardian Angels On The Tube.

Submitted by Iona Davies from London

Anyone who was travelling to London Heathrow last Saturday afternoon, July 19th, will have encountered problems if they were on the Piccadilly Line. I live in Chiswick, and left home at 13.30 for my 15.30 check-in (flight at 17.30), and because of a signal failure at T5 I decided to take the District Line to Ealing Broadway and get the overground from there. The tube stopped at Acton Town for a while, but then the doors closed and we...

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Submitted by Trevor Scott Barton from Greenville, S.C., USA

When you walk into Paola’s first grade classroom, the first thing you notice is her 'sonrisa.' Sonrisa is the Spanish word for 'smile,' and to my ears it sounds like the English word 'sunrise.' This is what her smile is like - a bright, beautiful sunrise.

One thing you don't notice is her economic poverty. Nine out of 10 students at our school come from families whose income level meets the federal poverty guidelines. Paola,...

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Heart Of Gold.

Submitted by Ashna D from Thrissur, Kerala India.

One day I was waiting for a bus to come. When a bus finally came, I got in. The conductor asked me for the money and as I took the money out of my hand, it flew right out the window. I just looked at him, not knowing what to do. Several people had noticed but nobody offered to help. Then out of nowhere, a woman came and paid the money. I thanked her and took a seat. Then...

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The Dollar Bill

Submitted by Kerry from GA

I remember being at Steinmart at age 7 or 8 walking around the store with my mother and sister. My mother had just given us a dollar each, which at the time that dollar meant the whole world to me. I often would feel my pocket to see if it was there, but about halfway through our little outing to Steinmart I put my hand in my jean pocket and the dollar was not there! I looked everywhere but...

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Random Giving Guy

Submitted by Shri from India

Hi Fellow readers,

I stay in a big city with all the people seemingly always in a rush and we've gotten used to people just hurrying to wherever they're supposed to be, ignoring all the small beautiful things of life in the process.

I was having my morning cup of tea at a restaurant one day and i saw this well dressed guy on his bike stop at the restaurant and ordered breakfast and some...

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The Best Sister

Submitted by janet from Portland Oregon, USA

A few years ago, My husband lost his job and then got cancer. I was transferred, after nine years, from my beloved school where I worked to a different school. losing the support system of my co-workers. Needless to say, I was depressed. My husband and I went to a garage sale where in a box under a table, I found a first edition Julia child cookbook. something I had dreamed about finding. As I went to pay for...

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A Sunny Day

Submitted by Kathy Powell from Florida

I visit with a neighbor each day - he's 90 years old - and today we celebrated the day by making some RAK bookmarks to leave in his library books.

He was so excited when I told him about the "plan" for the bookmarks and the reason behind them!

Totally made MY heart happy and gave us both a smile for the day!

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