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Caring Teachers

Submitted by Tioga Junior High Student from Louisiana

In 8th grade, I had a teacher who was a bit stern and not particularly well-liked. I now wish I could tell her students how amazing she really is. My family didn't have a lot of money. I'm not sure how she went about finding this out, but on the last day of school she pulled me aside. She said that she thinks I'm really smart and she knows my family doesn't have a lot of money and that...

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Help A Soldier

Submitted by Hannah Bennett-Sharpe from UK

i know someone who is in the Army and I am very close to them, i sent them a pack of many things out so they could have games to play, food that they normally wouldnt have out there and wrote a letter so they knew how loved thye were and how missed they were. i clubed most of their family together to put something in the box, this was from new things he could have and some old...

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Meant To Be

Submitted by Danielle from Norfolk, VA

My story starts out one morning in a local IHOP. A friend and I were having a conversation over breakfast one morning when an older woman interrupted, "Oh the best Egg's Benedict you can get is at Johnny's Diner down the street!" We smiled, thanked her for the advice, and went about our conversation. She chimed in a few more times and at the end of our meal something dawned on me. Pay it forward and random acts of...

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A Cookie Walk

Submitted by Lizzy from Nyc

was walking home from work one day in NYC when I came across a cookie place called insomnia I bought about 8 cookies one of each flavour to take home as I'm walking from 72- to penn I came across 4 different homeless guys and offered them a cookie two of them had a cute pit bull felt bad so thought to offer it when I offered one the one guy asked did I want half I was like...

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Lemonade For Lillie

Submitted by gwen miner from guelph ontario

Lilly Graham and Bailee Miner hung out at a snazzy lemonade stand one Saturday a few weeks ago that Bailee was working at. Bailee who is 5, was selling lemonade on that day to help raise money for Graham, who is battling cancer. Bailee heard about Graham’s story on the Internet and wanted to help her out. The two, both from Guelph, met in person for the first time on Saturday...

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A Teacher Who Cared, A Teacher Who Inspired

Submitted by Daegan Williamson from New York, United States

I was dealing with some home issues at the time, and was recently admitted into foster care along with my brother near the end of my frehsman year of highschool. I had just began my sophomore year at another highschool, I had already been to 7 highschools since middle school, I wish I could count the elementary schools. Due to this, I never really was able to connect with and teachers before, or people in general. Although, I had...

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Airport Kind Help

Submitted by Mrs hodge from Ilminster

after a hard time away in Madeira, me and my 3 boys travelled to Bristol airport, as we arrived to the airport with no pram and 2 toddlers, as I struggled to get money out for the troley a couple came to my aid, they didn't just help me to get a troley they helped to get my bags and to get out, non of the staff were helping but these strangers just out of the kindness of their...

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Date With Old Timers

Submitted by Letterland school from India

Since the time we have been registered with the RAK we have been motivating our students to share and care.They surprised us by planning a trip to an old age home sharing tea and love for music.The heart-touching event proved that children are indeed angels full of love.

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Lost Our Way

Submitted by Eileen Coupe from Derbyshire, England

On Saturday 13th September 2014 we were travelling to Riverside Centre at Pride Park Derby to a meeting of the Notts & Derby district Synod and arrived at 9.30am to find the car park empty, the reason being I had turned at the wrong roundabout. I then (for some inexplicable reason) found myself back on the Derby ring road and I knew I had definitely taken a wrong turn. I stopped at a hairdressers shop to get the right...

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Flowers From A Stranger

Submitted by Chris Bradford from Underwood

we are sitting having our pedicure and my mother in law just received a beautiful bunch of flowers from a fellow customer with a RAOK card in it. It moved us both to tears and is very humbling thank you

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