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14 Raok

Submitted by Becky from IN

for my 14th birthday this year, I had this great idea that I could do 14 random acts of kindness. I was inspired by other people who have done this. I dropped baby blankets off at the hospital, I passed out flowers to the people at the nursing home, I left candy on cars in a parking lot, I made a little girl at Walmart princess for a day, and ten other things. For me, it was much funner...

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The Kindness Of Strangers

Submitted by Janet Thommson from Alva Scotland

After arriving in Portugal for a holiday. We were dropped off at our pre booked accommodation. To cut a long story short, we had to leave because we felt that the property was unsafe and dirty and not at all what we had booked. The owner was unavailable. And as we had been looking forward to our holiday, there was no way that this was going to be the enjoyable experience we had anticipated. Not that we are overly...

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Gas Station Stranger

Submitted by James stone from Mashpee Massachusetts

I stopped at a local gas station I go to all the time, while waiting in line to pay for my gas a very loud and obnoxious man was in front of me shouting on his phone, obviously having a very bad day.

As he left I noticed his taller sitting on ya rather hidden part of the counter ( he must have just put it here and forgotten ) before I could say anything he was...

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Helping My Sister Pay It Forward

Submitted by Sarah Assaf from Irvine, CA

My younger sister, Nour, and her friend, Sadia, just started high school and her friend comes from a less fortunate family who work so hard but are still struggling so much. As my sister gets older I always try and model good/generous behavior because I believe that it is an important quality to have. My sister told me that her friend always wears big sweaters to school, even though it is about 100 degree +...

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The Small Things Can Make Big Difference

Submitted by Chawanya Pinyoworaphot from Thailand

When i was 17 years old, I visited orphanage with my family. We did activities with orphan children such as singing, playing games, having a lunch, talking etc. then i found the girl who lost her parents. she told me that her parents were killed by car accident. It made me feel really pity her but she said that don't pity her because everyone in orphanage have a situation like her. I really like her...

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He Looked Like He Could Use It More Than Me

Submitted by Bill Celen from New Hampshire

I have been battling cancer for six years now. My wife for two. Money is tight as she can no longer work and I have to miss a lot of time for either her or my own treatments. One day a short time ago I visited a friends house after work. His wife was dying of cancer and only had a few precious hours left.

After our visit and on our way home we came to a...

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Make Us Feel Great

Submitted by Yvonne from Melbourne vic Australia

Every holiday we go we always try to do something nice while we are having good time

When we were in Cambodia we chose to go and see a school with kids in need and provide them with books and pens

When we were in Rome we bought breakfast to a homeless man

When we were in china we bought lunch for a homeless woman ( we never give money, because it can...

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Homecoming King And Queen

Submitted by Sarah Mason from Dayton, OH

My son is a freshman in High School. He has autism, anxiety, & ADD. Homecoming is coming up. He was afraid to ask someone at Stebbins because he's bullied so terribly (hit, kicked, called a retard, a FAG :'( and & made fun of because his last girlfriend came out as bisexual, & worse), so he asked a girl he knows from 8th grade. He even asked her parent's permission before he asked her. She said YES, got a dress,...

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Weekly Raok Since Setting Up Fb Event For Next Years Birthday!

Submitted by Elizabeth Ellis from Montpelier, OH USA

I have set up a facebook event for my birthday next year. I set it up about 3 weeks before my birthday this year. I asked friends to do a RAOK instead of a gift or party or dinner. I have approx 45 people who have plegged to do a RAOK for it. I try to do a RAOK everyday, but am super happy if the opportunity presents itself once a week. I have personally...

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Beds For Dogs


As a school, we are making dog beds for the local animal shelter to keep the dogs off of the cold concrete floor this winter. We put a piece of foam cut to size into a pillow case, the snip the hemmed end into strips to the hem seam and tie them together. Different sized pillow cases make different sized beds for all dogs in the shelter. You can use old soft towels and sew them on 3 sides...

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