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No Strings Attached.

Submitted by Perpetua from Burnaby BC Canada

I am a recipient of kindness and it left an indelible ink in my soul. Question: How do you accept and react to kindness?

A wonderful experience happened to me this Saturday on the way to the mall. Two children, a boy and a girl, came running towards me with bottles on their hands if I want to have bottled water. It was a surprising gesture and unsure whether this was for real. I wondered if they were doing fund-raising....

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40 Acts Of Random Kindness

Submitted by Karen from Toronto, Ontario

On September 1st I will celebrate my 40th birthday! And one way I would like to celebrate is by doing 40 Acts of Random Kindness. While I certainly cannot take credit for this idea as it has been done many times, I feel that it is a great way to spread kindness and love to others. My friend Robyn inspired me more recently by reading her blog and how she celebrated her 30th with 30 Acts of Kindness.


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Train Kindness

Submitted by Little Londoner from London

Today, I was getting on the train at home for the first time at night and somewhat nervous. Then enters a fellow passenger on the 21:52 and sat next to me. I did the traditional London commuter code, look at phone, or out of the window, anything to quell the awkwardness of sitting next to a complete stranger. Anyway, half-way in to the journey I sneezed, she said bless you, instead of the usual shuffle away from the passenger....

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Handsome Hero Buys Me Gas

Submitted by Heather from Little Rock, AR

As an educator, I spent what little money I had catching up bills and buying school supplies for students who could not afford them. As usual, my heart got the best of my wallet, and I did not put back enough money for gas until I get paid again in September. Yesterday evening, my gas light had signaled. I panicked and thought, "Why didn't I ask a family member for gas money? Why am I so stubborn to ask...

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A Lift To The Gas Station

Submitted by Nedum from Manchester UK

On a Sunday morning I was going to a car booth sale, on my way there I noticed a black cab taking luggage from a car on the hard shoulder of the motorway with a woman and two kids switching vehicles, this was about 3 miles from the Manchester airport. I said to myself poor souls I hope they don't miss their flight. Over an hour later on my way back I noticed the same vehicle was still on...

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Random Act Of Kindness From A Titans Fan

Submitted by Emily from Nashville, TN

I pulled into a gas station one day after work and before starting the pump a man came up to me and asked how much money I was planning on putting in. I was confused and said "$20, do you work here?" He responded "no, I was just going to pay for your gas. Do you think it will hold $30?" And since my tank was basically empty and it takes at least $60 to fill I said yes...

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Helping The Homeless

Submitted by Nicole from Phoenix, AZ

I noticed a homeless man sitting in the same location near my local grocery store. Something about this man really pulled at my heart strings. I've never been one to stop and help, strictly out of fear. This one particular day while I was grocery shopping, I decided to put my fear aside and help this man. It was a thousand degrees outside in the good ole desert. I bought a couple of gallons of water, some chips and a...

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A Cold Wet Night

Submitted by Teresa Griffiths from Uk

One cold night I was driving home after putting the horses to bed & I noticed something in the bus shelter - although soaking wet & freezing cold myself I stopped shining my torch into the bus shelter & realised that the bundle was in fact a poor man who was obvisiously down on his luck. I shouted over to check that all was ok & saw shivering man trying his best to stay out of the elements.

"Hold on!"...

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A Cup Of Kindness

Submitted by Denise Romano from Sandy Hook, CT

I drove forward

After ordering my coffee

Wondering if someone

Would pull in behind me

A cup of kindness

Was in the air

I'll pay for the customer

In my mirror

Ready at the window

To express my intent

"Your coffee's been paid for"

Smiled the attendant

Gratitude for the moment


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Submitted by Sonny Nguyen from Denny's

I was having breakfast at Denny's in Evansville, IN with my wife, Cheryl, (fiancé at the time of the incident)and she saw this gentleman with his two daughters. My fiance and I looked at each other and said, "It takes a lot of love, patience, and commitment to raise kids and he has one with special needs." We both quickly asked our waitress if it was okay for us to pay for the gentleman's and his daughters breakfast because we...

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