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Rak Coming Full Circle

Submitted by Rachel from Regina Saskatchewan

I'm not one to share the stories of when I've been kind to others; it is just who I am and how I know I must walk in this world. As my dad always taught me, giving is a selfish act... because it makes you feel so good inside!

The story that I do want to share is how one RAK came back to me yesterday, in a totally unexpected, surprising, and wonderful way.


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​Lucky Kitty

Submitted by Pawanrat from thailand

Lucky kitty

In the afternoon at my school i went to the canteen to have lunch, when i walked in i saw a young kitten playing with a girl and look at her food with hopeful eyes , i did not think much of it other than "what a cute cat",I walked near that kitten and beckon it . There was a grocer next to me and he explained...

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Donate Change Life

Submitted by Thanakorn Padoongthaksin from Phitsanulok

On last Sunday in the morning I donated some money about 50 baht to help heart-disease patient in Naresaun university hospital because to cure this disease cost so much and I really felt sympathize them, so there is only one way to help ,that is donating some money and encouraging.

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Hungry Man Make Me Feel Bad

Submitted by Nattawat Ruangwiroon from Phitsanulok

At night on last Monday my friend felt very hungry and he did not stock any food for

eating on that night and it was not comfortable to go to minimart because it was cold

and dark,so I gave him a box of milk and a pack of instant noodles.

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Animals Are My Friends.

Submitted by Benz from Phitsanulok, Thailand

Today, while I'm waiting for bus to go to shopping mall, Central plaza, I'm eating cookies. I see the dog that seems hungry so I give the dog my cookies. Then the dog looks better and smiles to me. After back to dormitory, I go to the park at Naresuan university to run, feed fish bread and pay respect to king Naresuan. For conclusion, I think that animals have life as us so we should act of...

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Help A Tourist

Submitted by Panyaporn from Thailand

About a month ago at Mochit BTS station, I was heading to the mall on sunday morning. Suddenly I saw an old foreign lady trying to find the way to Sirom but I guess she didn't know how because she couldn't read my language. So I offered her a favor and told her how to get there. She seem surprised and pleased at the time. She said "Thank you". I was so proud of myself for helping someone I'd...

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Losing Purse Woman

Submitted by Premkamon Sucharitchan from Phitsanulok, Thailand

while I was shopping and finding the restuarant at the mall, I suddenly found a purse on the ground. So, I decided to pick it up and found that there was a lot of money. Without thinking I went straight to the information center for announcement. In a few minutes, there was someone going to reveal that the purse was hers. She thanked me and told me that she had to use this money for doing a business. I...

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Helping An Old Man

Submitted by Thanetphon Nanthiphatthanachai from Phitsanulok, Thailand

Last Saturday, I had gone to the market with my mother before I went home. While we were on the way to go home, I saw an old man trying to cross the road. He could not cross the road because there were many cars, moreover, he seemed very weak and nobody did not notice him or try to help him. So, I went straight to him and helped him cross the road.

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For My Brother

Submitted by Danayakorn from Thailand

On Oct. 18th 2014. I had free times so I called my younger brother. He had to move to the dormitory so I and my friend picked him up from my aunt's home to buy an uniform and to have brunch (it's on me). Then I dropped him off at the dormitory and I helped him to make a bed and pack his things. In the evening I brought foods for my aunt and uncle. Finally, before I went...

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Buying Food From Oldie

Submitted by Tarakorn Chankrachang from Phitsanulok, Thailand

I'm walking out from the building and I see a few food shops beside the road. And then I feel like I want to eat something. So I go straight to those shops, the first shop has a sitting oldie, who owns the shop, but another two shops are younger. I decide to choose the first shop and buy a snack. The main reason I choose the first one is I like buying it from older people...

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