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A Very Kind Man

Submitted by allison from pittsburgh pa

I'm dealer at the casino, I was dealing in a game one a I had a gentleman wall up to my game wearing a Steelers military appreciation hoodie. I have a friend that's an Army Ranger that really wanted that hoodie, so when I was tapped off for break I asked the gentleman where he git his hoodie at because these hoodies are extremely hard to find. He informed me he got it online and I told him about...

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A Stranger Paid For My Groceries At Costco The Week Before Christmas!

Submitted by Jaime from Winter Park, Florida

Checking out at Costco with an extremely full cart of food we were planning to eat at the holidays, a man standing behind me in line told the cashier he was going to pay for my bill! He handed her $280 which covered my $275 bill! I only spend that much around Christmas, I felt so overwhelmed that not only was he paying my bill, it was an extremely large bill! I am so inspired to pay if forward!...

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Moved Me

Submitted by conrad from Burnage Manchester

Wow ... something amazing just happened.. I was in Aldi in Burnage, manchester.. about 5pm today.. waiting to get served and caught eye contact with a guy.. and smiled.. he smiled back as I left the guy was walking in the car park but turned and shouted excuse me.. he started walking towards me.. and handed me a card.. he said open it now.. he said i know its a bit strange a stranger giving you a card..but just...

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Something Unexoected At Subway

Submitted by Merunka from Toronto

I go to high school, and it is the last day of school before the Christmas/Holiday break, and I'm going to Subway to get my lunch treating myself with a little treat, because I don't usually buy lunch, and as I'm done ordering and ready to pay, the person in front of me pays and as I'm about to give my ten dollar bill to the person in the cashier, the person in front of me looks back and...

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Luxury For Me; Necessity For Bob

Submitted by Karen from Pittsburgh, PA

I live in an all electric home with an unheated basement. Because the house is insulated well, the basement never reaches freezing, but it gets a bit chilly to be comfortable. So to heat it up, I have a small propane heater which brings the temperature to a nice toasty warm within 5-10 minutes. The heater uses the same size propane tank as an outdoor grill. So I took my empty tank to have it filled at our local...

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Mc Cafe

Submitted by Daniella from San Antonio, TX

So this morning after a night of fun with my friends, getting home at 3am and getting up at 7am, getting my self and my daughter ready for the day, and then driving 45 mins to work, I decided a caramel frappe sounded good. There isn't a starbucks any where close to where I work, so I stopped by McDonalds. I waited in line for 15 mins just to get to the window and pay. When I got to...

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Helping Those In Need At Christmas

Submitted by Dave from Rainy River District

I have been gifted in life with a good paying job and a nice family life. I was shopping at a local store near Christmas and could see the stress on some families. The pressure of not being able to buy gifts and food during the festive time of the year. I purchased several gift cards and started randomly handing them out. I was so over whelmed with the kind act I could hardly keep the tears back after...

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What I Learned From My 60 Kindness Acts In 60 Day Birthday Kindness Challenge

Submitted by Nance Cheifetz from Sausalito Ca

For my 60th birthday, I challenged myself to do 60 deliberate acts of kindness for 60 consecutive days and write about my experiences each day. Now I am no stranger to going out and doing things, but this is the first time I have ever been focused and paid attention to ‘Kindness Acts’ to the degree that was required in coming up with what I was going to do each day, preparing for it when I needed...

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Talking & Gifting A Homeless Person

Submitted by Paula Steele from Kingston upon Thames England

Today I realised my youngest daughter (22) knows true empathy & compassion. Upon seeing a homeless man outside Boots in Kingston, Robyn asked him if he wanted a drink or some food. He declined and Robyn walked away. However, she decided to fill a gift bag of nice things for him. She went back and sat down on the floor with him to just chat, she was aware that people were staring at her for doing so. She informed...

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Submitted by Anna from Portland, OR

We had our holiday party today and had left over pie. I had 4 slices packed to take home today. As I was getting ready to go home I had a change of heart. For the past week I have been walking past a homeless couple(late 40's) with their dog that have been staying under an overhang at the closed downtown post office. They never ask for money, they just smile and say hi when I walk by. I...

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