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On a regular basis, we receive inquiries from people about donating to The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. As a privately funded non-profit, we're unable to accept donations but want to point people towards some amazing companies, organizations and people who are doing awesome things in the name of Kindness. This is one entry in an ongoing series of posts about some amazing World Changers telling you about their missions in their own words:

Meet: The Be Nice Box

1) Tell us about you/your company

The Be Nice Box is a quarterly subscription box service, encouraging others to spread their own kindness. You can think of us as a 'random acts of kindness toolkit' that you receive on your doorstep! We ship on a quarterly basis {so, for example, if you purchase a box between now & early December, you will receive the Fall Box!} and each box contains a list of 30 acts of kindness you can complete throughout the fall season. Also inside each box, you will find 10 handmade, awesome tangible items to help complete some of the items on the list. Finally, each subscriber receives a gift for themselves, as a thank you for making the planet a better place. Along with the business, I also run a blog called, 'A Year of Minnesota Nice,' where the goal is to complete 365 acts of kindness and document the journey.

2) Tell us your 'Why?' What is your company's mission/message?

Our mission is simple ; we want YOU to spread your own kindness! We want to encourage and empower people to take a small steps towards changing the world! Many people have the assumption that you can only create change if you are famous or a millionaire ; NOT TRUE! Each and every one of us has the power to do something small ; pick up a piece of trash, hold the door open for someone, donate food to the local food shelf ; in those small acts, we find the impact!

3) What inspires you in your work?

I am just so inspired by humans! People I don't know, people I may never meet, people that live in my neighborhood! I love reading stories of regular folks who are doing incredible things! I am inspired by the subscribers and supporters this movement and my little business have had over the past year! I had no intention of creating a kindness movement last year ; I just wanted to write a blog & challenge myself to be more intentional with my energy and interactions. And here we are, a year later ; having sent HUNDREDS of boxes out to 39 states. Our subscribers have completed thousands of acts of kindness & if that isn't inspiring, I'm not sure what is!

4) Tell us about 1 act of kindness that YOU have experienced that stands out in your mind.

To celebrate my 100th act of kindness on the blog, I hosted a kindness flash mob! We got 9 people together & a local flower farm donated 60 bouquets of flowers and we handed them out to complete strangers in downtown Minneapolis. I didn't hand out any flowers, because I was doing the photography, but seeing those intersections between strangers {one handing out flowers, the other receiving them}, brought tears & goosebumps and seriously strengthened my resolve to help make the world a better place! You can recap that event here.

5) Finish the sentence: 'Kindness is—'

EVERYWHERE! If you go through your day without finding an opportunity to practice kindness, you are missing out! Every single day, there are so many chances to improve the lives of others!

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