2013 Kindness Challenge Winner

Hannah Brencher, who started The World Needs More Love Letters, demonstrates how a simple act of kindness can turn life around for the giver and receiver.

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Hannah you have really hit the nail on the head with "The World Needs More Love Letters". People have really become disconnected from one another so it's no wonder they feel alone and forgotten. Unlike a text or a posting on a social media network, a letter is something tangible that a person can hold in their hand and it connects them to the person (a human connection) that wrote the letter. They can pull the letter out and read it as often as they need to when they need to be reassured that they are not alone. God bless you and the other women that help you. Thank you for your compassion and your acts of kindness. Theresa Murphy from Louisiana

I love your story ! your amazing! Michelle from Israel

Words cannot say how wonderful you are Hannah, I suffer a great deal myself with self worth & just feeling unimportant to people around me. This is the 1st that I heard of your "Love Letters" & I wish I was lucky enough to have gotten one. More people in the world need to be as thoughtful & caring as you are. God Bless you & keep the letters going. Shelley from New Jersey

Amazing gift to a world full of technology! Angie from Illinois

Hand-written letters are so much more intimate than anything the internet has to offer. When you take the time to hand-write you are sharing part of yourself with others. This is a beautiful idea and I commend you. I have written notes for people and left them for them to find. I never knew the outcome, but if it made even one person smile then it was all worth it. Sharon Egan from Queensland, Australia

Wonderful idea. I agree with Theresa. We are in a throw away world where everything is able to be bought cheaply without much quality. It is creeping over into our personal lives and people are often looked at as a means to an end for me me me. People are great treasures and should be valued as such. Thanks for your great idea. Amber from Ohio

Hannah, your action has inspired me to write a thank-you letter for my co-worker's random acts of kindness as well. She gave me this beautiful peony bouquet at work for no reason. Thank you for your inspiration and please keep spreading the love letters around the world. Cathy from Seattle

Attitude of gratitude.you' ve mastered it! Everyone is fighting a battle. Thank you for taking the time to be kind. Judi from Boston

Hannah thank you for yours acts of love. Your letters may be the only contact a person has with words of kindness. Your acts of kindness give encouragement, and inspiration. Please continue to bring happiness to others. Elizabeth from Covington

This is wonderful! Jean Potter from Rhode Island

Hannah your the best Holly Murray from New Zealand

You are great Hannah. Sara from London

Dear Hannah, Thank you for all these acts of kindness. We think you have made many people happy and less depressed. You have inspired us to want to do acts of kindness like yours. Our school also cares about each other and helps hungry people as well. Because of your inspiration we are committed to doing random acts of kindness around our school. 6th Advisory, Gateway School from Santa Cruz, Ca

Hannah, My daughter who lives in NYC shared your video and I cannot tell you how impressed and truly enriched I feel. I am inspired to follow your lead and write letters. I have always been a "writer", but now I feel like my words have a wonderful place to go. With gratitude and respect... Mary Lou Essajanian from Holliston, Ma

Nice story to inspire the students of Perry County Middle School in Perryville, Missouri. Our hope is to inspire others with acts of kindness. V. Lohmann from Perryville Mo

Hannah you're wonderfull .. love you Daphne from L.A.

thank you for being you Nancy from Phx Az

Thank you Hannah you're wonderful Sara J. from Australia

What a great and lovely idea!! It´s great to have people like you!! Keep on doing!! All the best and lot´s of love! Nathalie from Germany

Words of caring and encouragement can help brighten someones day and may help with depression. Conrad from Central Texas

Fantastic idea which initially required little time but can make a significant impact on an individual. What a blessing and encouragement you have become for so many! Sheila from Arkansas

Your story "made my day" Thank you! Kathy from Clayton, Ca

You have and will inspire many with these thoughtful gestures. Blessings to you! Kristi from Southeast Kansas

You are so kind to the world and loveing its amazing what one letter can do Bella Toles from Spokane Washington

Wonderful idea Jackie from Edinburgh

I'm proud of you for turning sadness on its head and kicking its butt! Bless! Modele from Lagos

You are so awesome! What a tremendous way to not only give of yourself, change the world by making others feel valued but also the fact that giving your caring and kindness to them, is contagious. Each one of those people now has the kindness to pass on to another that may be in need as well. So very proud of you!!!! tj :) Tammy from Northeast Missouri

u r soo awesome on what u did to that woman thank you Krystan Hughes from Aztec Nm

You are an inspiration Hannah. Good on you. Christina from Brisbane

Your story really inspired me. You are doing a great job changing the lives of many people. Francisca Munguia from Bronx, New York

God bless u Angel(Hannah) Saurabh from India

So inspiring. ...in this world of bad news & disconnect, this is what the world needs! God bless Rita Sanelli Barale from Canada

This is such an amazing idea! It's great that you are helping this world and this is something we definitely need! You are an inspiration! Shae Rendle from Canada

I'm of the mind that you're one of those totally endearing sorts. You look for the best in any situation, and make the humble feel the touch of a caring heart. Thank you so much for poking me into action. May your own life be enriched.. Bill from Illinois

Wow! You have inspired me so much. I love writing notes and letters to people who mean to me, but by watching your story, I should definitely start writing for strangers, and people who need care and love the most! More Power, Hannah! Thank you for making changing the world! Iris from Canada

I know I am part of a dying breed who still sends handwritten cards, notes and letters through "snail" mail, but you give me hope that the power of kind and compassionate words is still possible. You are proof that empathetic, caring and loving words sent with only the best of intentions can make a huge difference when people need them most. I am going to start a happiness club in my school and resurrect the art of love letters. Lynne from Canada

I started a writing a project where I wrote a letter a week for a year and ended up writing 60 letters in a year. It was a great experience and a wonderful feeling to know that it made most of these people who received the letters feel loved and valued. Barbara from From Syracuse, Ny

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