Pilot Program Research Report

Check out Spark Policy Institute's findings on the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation's pilot program in Jefferson County Schools. The results show that kindness education in the classroom can work!

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I just googles Random Acrs of Kindness and this came up. What a joy it was to see such a program being put in place and the impact it was having on everyone. Gods work will roll forward no matter what satan trys to do. Love will always win. Keep up the great work. Josephine Lynch from Victoria, Australia

Lovely! I teach in a school in Qatar in the Middle East and I'm going to introduce and promote this concept in my House and school. Tim Jackson from Al Khor International School, Al Khor, Qatar

this is beautiful. inspiring children to lead us into an era where people take care of people and build a world that is based on respect and love. this is amazing. change the world. Nikolai Cox from Eugene, Or

Wonderful! I am going to introduce your idea in the school where I work in Barranquilla Colombia. Diana from Barranquilla, Colombia

I think this realy great think you peaple who are out there that care. Deja Brown from 1477 Thomas Ave

Think this is a really good idea in this day and age of technology and that soemone cares about you even if you have never met them. Eva English from Rhynie Primary

Will this program be implemented in other schools? Serena from Delaware

I am pleased to have found such a wonderful foundation. I was listening to the audio book One Simply Act of Generosity.. when the author mentioned the page. Such a joy!! Christine Colin from Hayward, California

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