Musicians On Kindness

Who better than street musicians to reflect on the power of kindness! Here we get their take on its reciprocal energy that inspires both the musicians and their audiences alike.

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This is definitely a true message video. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing - music is the universal language. When I see street performers, it always makes me stop, look and listen to what they are doing and yes give a donation. Pat from Woodbridge, Va

Music is my life, it is a pleasure to listen to the words and the music that envelopes one's soul. Music has a message no matter, where, or what nationality we are. Ms. Alicia from Michigan

before my brain surgery i had no problem helping anyone.I didnt ask for anything in return.i loved helping people.I would work on their cars for i cant risk bumping my head.i know that i can help in other ways though.i try to be curteous and respectful to everyone.thats all that matters to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob from Palm Bay

I like this Jeffrey from Digby Nova Scotia Canada

Music spreads love wherever you are.... Is a beautiful gift to share with friends, neighbours, strangers - everybody! It's just MAGIC!!! I'm loving it. Judith Jones from Bayton, Worcestershire, Uk

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