The Kindness School

Andy Smallman is an education innovator and director of the Puget Sound Community School. His unique approach to learning has kindness as its foundation and is inspiring students and their communities alike.

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This is great. I hope I could attend this school. June from Malaysia

Awsome! All shool should have kindness on their curriculum! Leila Gharnit from Uk

Wow, this is zo great!! Why not spread this around Europa also? Can we help to do so? Ineke Mulder from Netherlands

What a great feeling! Just watching the video gave me such hope for my class and school. Kindness curriculum is a must! Frances Thompson from Sacramento, California, Usa

Wow kindness is love respect=value= priceless!!!!!! Shannon Scott from Canada

I really wish I could attend this school! It's just wonderful how this school does so many good things in their community. Kudos to you, Andy Smallman! Jeremy from Florida, Usa

My heart felt happy and grateful and filled with hope and kindness.Thank you!! janice school counselor and therapist and mom! Janice Artzer Hornsby from Eugene, Or

It all begins with CHILDREN. If we educate them in the BENEFITS of kindness, the BEAUTY of it, the RIGHTNESS of it--guess what kind of world we would have? Acts of kindness wouldn't BE RANDOM! Jim. Jim from Scotland

We need more schools like this! When children understand the importance of kindness, it plants a wonderful seed and great things will grow from it. What an inspiration! Rita from Texas

Wow, what an amazing message and a truly groundbreaking school! I hope more schools can be built on the foundation of character and kindness. Scott from Randolph, Ma

I wish every school was like this! They definitely have the right idea. Kimberly from Michigan, Usa

We have an RAK Club at our Hjigh School (Cedarcrest HS) in Duvall, WA. Our students' efforts were so inspiring that a local resident began an RAK Week in our community which is now in its 7th year and has spread to our neighboring communities as well. I applaud your efforts and your success with your amazing school. What an important gift you are sharing with your students, and what a gift they will be to our communities as they become caring, compassionate inspiring adults. Leanne Christensen from Duvall, Wa

Wow! Great school! Dawson Fox from Sydenham

This is where I would want to go to school AND work! Beautiful example for all to follow. Thank you... Ann from Ca

If you respect yourself you won't have a problem showing kindness to others Edye from Savannah,Ga

This is exactly the way a school should be, kindness before anything else. Jackie Smith from Cathedral City California

Children are naturally curious, and more importantly, I believe they are innately kind. With this school, their kindness is the primary focus of their entire school day. Their inner kindness is encouraged and recognized daily. Amazing! and Inspiring!! Michael Lavelle from Ludlow, Massachusetts

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