Rak Week Flash Mob

During RAK Week, we organized a "flash mob" on a busy street in Boulder, Colorado.

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This is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for cheering my evening! Jordan from Minneapolis

Very American and lots of fun Lorna from Scotland

good job Bob from Eleva Wi

That was a awesome dance I hope you can do more! Maybe you guys can maybe do another video. And you guys rock! Alondra from Strum

Omg!!! For some reason this brought tears(of joy) to my eyes. Love it!!!! Traci from Prince Edward Island

I just loved it. Thank you it just cheered up whole day even more. Kayla from Las Vegas

That is wonderful! We should do deeds of kindness all year long! Brigitte from London Uk

i am a counselor in an elementary school. i preach/teach this all the time. i will incorpor ate your materials into my teaching. a million thank yous. Pamela Riddle from Franklin,Tn.

Haskell Middle School in Oklahoma loved it! Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces! Great job, ladies! Luptia Elizondo from Oklahoma

Love it! It's a wonderful event to share with our community for no reason whatsoever except to have fun and share smiles:) Thank you for sharing with the world. Linda from Rhode Island

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