Kindness Education Workshops

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation teaches workshops to inspire kids to be kind and become problem solvers. Here you can learn the basics of their K-3rd grade and 4th grade and Up workshops.

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this is wonderful! Susan from Santa Cruz

this is awesome to be able to do that. all these people are amazing! Go RAK!!!! Sasha from Sacramento, Ca

This is excellent! I will definetly teach my students these activities!! Amanda from Leduc

Makes children think of positve behaviours Lorna from Scotland

wow this just opens up my heart so much and makes me wanna do sooooo much for our comm. GO RAK!!!!!!!!!! Lauren Juarez from Los Anglas,Ca

This is exactly what the world needs. Thank you for teaching it to children. A workshop of kindness with it's theory and practical lessons combined will become a part of who they are. This will exponentially change the world. You nailed it!! Paula Pikul from Nyc, Ny

Instilling kindness into our youth is AWESOME!!! Love never fails!!! Tracie Kent from Foreman, Ar

I am an elementary school counselor. This site is great! Fran Hensley from Asheville, Nc

I'm totally inspired!!! Greatness!!!! Alejandra Mendoza from Nicaragua

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