Kindness Testimonials

A collection of testimonials for Random Acts of Kindness.

It is more than telling them ‘don't bully’ or ‘follow the golden rule.’ RAK leaves a more significant impression on the kids and they have fun!

Colorado School Teacher

As we see behavioral issues improve, that really opens the door academically making it a safe place in the classroom, a safe place to take risks where students respect each other and can make a mistake. And that is huge.

Colorado School Teacher

I think it is starting to permeate the whole school—adults and children, and it has brought us together as a staff.

Colorado School Teacher

I feel that the curriculum is providing not only activities, but activities that help kids develop strategies and to be very cognitive of their emotional social well-being and be in charge of it.

Colorado School Teacher

Students have an awareness of kindness being global, not just in the classroom, but at home too.

Colorado School Teacher

[RAK] transfers to academics because they will want to be in school, they will feel safe, and they will be willing to take academic risks

Colorado School Teacher

Well, everyone is happier. Because of kindness projects we do, everybody has more fun so instead of slumping around waiting for their turn to go to lunch and recess to talk, they are happy all day and they actually want to be in school. I think that RAK has spread throughout the whole school and that the whole school has gotten a lot brighter.


I think kindness is really important because when I am mean to people it doesn’t make me feel so great, makes me feel better when I am kind and relate to them and makes me feel nice and happy.


Just wanted to let you know that kindness is spreading here at our Middle School. To prove that, I have 14 Acts of Kindness slips sitting here. In one day, that many students got “caught.” I really feel like your presentation motivated our students and opened up their minds.

RAK Member

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences and outlook with us. I truly feel like it’s already making a difference in our school. I hope you are getting settled in your new space, Thanks again!


I am fascinated by this website as it contains gems of thoughts leading people to be kind to his/her fellow human beings.

RAK Member

In this world of selfishness, hatred, revenge kindness is medicine. My hearty congrats to you for offering this website.

—Bro. Arockiam

As Director of Pupil Services at Tapestry Charter School in Buffalo New York (grades K-6), I am always searching for ideas to promote positive relationships in our school community. I have developed a program that incorporates Random Act of Kindness’ ideas as an important part of these programs.

RAK Member

Your site offers some wonderful ideas that are easily incorporated into these other programs. I wanted to thank you for the many wonderful ideas from your site that have directly helped to create all these programs at our school.

Susan Gillick, Ph.D.

I feel that your Random Acts of kindness site fuels the fire inside us all. We are mothers, sisters and teachers that feel our footsteps are placed in a manner that allows the strong to take charge.


I have shared your website info with teachers at a workshop I gave in December.


It was holiday here in Japan and by chance I got connected linked with your website. I started reading each and every word on this site and time lapsed very fast. I must say that you deserve some kind of award for having such a beautiful website. I myself learned a lot from your site. Thanks.


Thank you for sending me KindTimes—it is terrific. I love the layout, graphics and great vignettes. Interestingly, a friend of ours who just visited from Atlanta told us excitedly about the article in [Delta Airline’s] Sky Magazine. I just knew that it would spark even greater interest! Way to go!“I also love the Kids Kindness Calendar—a great teaching resource!

RAK Member

What a great resource your website is—you have everything there. I love referring teachers to your site!


I am so impressed with your website and stories that I would like to know if it is acceptable for me to link to you from our website. Thank you!


Thank you so much for inspiring me with so many excellent quotes! When I first can here, I was just looking for a simple quote for Public Speaking class. After looking at several, I felt overwhelmed by happiness that I didnt know could be achieved by simple things.

RAK Member

I plan to be the future president and try and spread peace to other nations. Thank you once again!


The RAK Foundation website was a life saver this year. I did not decide to do all this until the Thursday before RAK Week. I got wonderful ideas and downloaded a lot of material from there.


Thank you for the bookmarks on your website. I’ve printed a million (I’m stretching the truth) to hand out to random people. Going to enclose them in see-through Contact paper to increase their usefulness. Thanks again, love your site, it makes my day!