Cool Pool

Submitted by Raven from Alabama

I was invited to a farewell pool party about a year ago. A family I had become close friends with was moving several states away. Unfortunately, it was only April when they threw the party. Obviously, not that many people have heated pools, so we had to make do. We all had a blast. But, all too soon the pizza arrived and we all had to step out of the pool. Night had fallen while we were swimming. The temperature outside had fallen several degrees. Everyone had their towels wrapped around them while we ate pizza and fought over who got the last of the Sunkist. Everyone that is, except for one person. The 18 year old son, Jake, didn't have a towel. We were at his house, for his good-bye party, but he forgot to bring his own towel. I had just grabbed a second slice of pizza when I saw Jake out of the corner of my eye. He had on a pair of swim shorts, and about 2 gallons of water from the pool. He was with a group of people on the deck, shivering like crazy. He was trying to keep up his end of the conversation, but he was just too cold. Everyone else just kept on talking, not even noticing. But, I did. I had been out of the pool for some time already, talking with some friends. Unlike everyone else, I brought two towels. Unfortunately, the one I had was already soaked. The other one was down by the pool. I couldn't stand it for another minute, seeing him like that. I almost tripped twice on the way down the stairs t get it. I handed the dry one to Jake a few moments later. He murmured "thanks" while he slipped the warm, dry towel around his shoulders. I didn't see him again until I had to take my towel back when I left. His mother had given him another one by that time, but he was still using mine. I gave him a quick hug before I had to leave. My ride home had been honking for ten minutes strait. Jake was warm now, even though it was still freezing. But, when I left that night I felt warmer too.

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that was soooooo inspiring i had to do a school project on acts of kindness and this was soooo helpful:) Grace from Monroe,Ga

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