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Submitted by Joe from WV

One evening, after a particularly trying day at work (I work in Corrections), I called my wife and could tell that she'd had a hard day too. I told her I'd stop and get us some subs, since the kids had already eaten. Walking into the sub shop, I realized I only had $15 left in my wallet and thought, oh well... It's called "Currency" for a reason. Gotta let it go to get it back. Upon getting in line, I noticed the bedraggled young lady in front of me. I saw the crumpled $10 bill in her hand, and immediately, I felt moved to do something kind, and I felt my plans change... I heard a voice inside tell me "You know what to do, Joe." I motioned for the cashier to get her attention and mouthed "Let me get hers!" in as loud a whisper as I could muster... She understood my message and told the little girl, "It's been taken care of, Sweetie." I paid for the little girl's 2 subs and my own-- my wife and I were sharing a single sub now, and I was completely content with that idea. The cashier told me "I don't know what to say, Sir." I responded that I didn't do it so anyone would say anything. I told her I'm kind to people because I'm kind. I smiled and told her I hoped she had a blessed evening. Wish I knew the "rest of the story" on the little girl; hopefully things are as blessed in her world today as mine have been since that evening.

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that really touched my heart : ) Anonymous from Anonymous

Really loved your story :) endless smiles. You have done great . Charisse from New Zealand

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