Starbucks Drive Thru

Submitted by Wild Hair Lady from La Mesa, CA

One morning I decided to treat myself to at Starbucks( I've given up my daily coffee habit years ago) As I'm driving there a sliver truck lets me go before him at a stop sign. I arrive to a very busy long line drive- thru and the same sliver truck is in line right behind me. As we wait a white Lexus pulls in behind the sliver truck, just sitting(we are definitely not moving) the white Lexus slams into the back of the sliver truck. The gentleman gets out of his truck to see if there is any damage. He was nice to the women that hit him,( although he did look irratated) apparently having a big truck comes in handy. If that sliver truck did let me go before him at the stop sign, the lady would of hit my car and damaged it like she did to her front fender. I paid for the gentlemens coffee and told the cashier to tell,the man in the silver truck I hoped his day got better.

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Someone just paid for my coffee at starbucks this morning, I've been having a hard day so far...thank you to whoever you are! Mrs Ricci from Mira Mesa

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