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About 14 years ago while I was a new member of a church sitting in Sunday service my eyes & thoughts were drawn to a woman. She was leading the chorus. I didn’t know her name. But a thought crossed my mind that I needed to find out who she was. I asked a few people and got her name. I looked in the directory and got her address. I was going to just send her a card to tell her what a nice voice she had but I saw this pack of “secret pal” cards. I bought them and over the course of the next year I sent her cards and little gifts. I would also sometimes sneak things into her seat at church just so I could see her face as she got it. No one not even my husband knew I was doing this. When I got up the courage to tell her I was her secret pal I left her a card on her seat. She read the card and found me in the pews. She told me she was in a dark place and was thinking about taking her life but she got my card and was curious. She said receiving my cards & gifts gave her something to look forward to. She was in a better place and had made great improvements in her life because she knew someone cared. She lived another 12 years before she passed away from a stroke. I have repeated the “secret pal” several times over the years. You never know what spurs you to do an act of kindness and what impact it will have on a person’s life. My life was blessed in many ways from these acts.

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