Kindness Matters

Submitted by Kelsey G. on June 30, 2016

City of kindness

Can you feel it…the genuine, powerful and expanding stream of kindness and compassion flowing through our towns and cities; the contagious joy of doing and witnessing acts of kindness in schools, homes and on the street; the sense of well-being and happiness in our minds and hearts?  Our country is focusing a little bit more on the positive, a little bit more on our basic goodness and care for each other.  Bringing balance and optimism to the forefront of our daily lives and sharing that with others in kind acts is proven to improve our brain function along with our physical and emotional health.  But it’s the opening of our hearts and offering compassion, listening, helping and caring that’s got the power to change our society and people are starting to take notice. 

At the recent US Conference of Mayors, kindness and compassion in leadership, in education, and in governing was the theme of a key conference session; and the mayors wanted to know how to get involved! 

We at RAK have known for a long time that kindness has the power to change everything so we are heartened by the growing interest in and momentum we are seeing in making it an explicit value of communities through out the United States.  If the US mayors have the courage to make a difference in their communities with kindness and compassion front and center, and the rest of us keep the momentum going by practicing kindness in our daily experiences as best we can, we will most definitely have a better, happier world in the future.  Feel it, imagine it and be it!


See a recap of the US Mayors event with the Dalai Lama and Lady Gaga

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