The Baby Toy

Submitted by Cassandra Carrasco from Tracy, CA

Within the first few months of my pregnancy a young girl that I use to nanny when I was sixteen had given my mom a gift for my baby. Before my mom gave it to me she told me how this gift came about: My mom went to visit the family and while she was there 7-year-old Cynthia ran up to her mom and said, "Mommy I want to give Cassy's baby a gift." Her mom asked, "What gift honey? We gave her a gift already." Cynthia replied, "You gave a gift mommy, I didn't." Cynthia then ran upstairs and grabbed a small bag with wrapping. She brought it to my mom and said, "This is for Cassy's baby." Cynthia's mom wanted to know what it was and when they took it out her mom was almost in tears. She looked at Cynthia and asked, "Are you sure you want to give this? This was your first baby toy your dad and I bought you." Cynthia looked at her mom and said, "Yes mommy. It is for her baby now." When my mom brought this home I was in tears. It was the sweetest and most heart warming act of kindness I have ever experienced. I keep her toy in his closet to keep it safe and to remind me that being kind comes in all forms and sizes. I want to show my son that kindness exists and I hope he will be as sweet and kind as she was to him and to me.

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