Angel Kindness

Submitted by Amber Adams from Missouri

My story is short, but it is something that has made a huge impact on me. In the spring of 2012, I was shopping in my local grocery store with my 4 year old son, when a storm hit. I am usually not afraid of storms, but this scared me because I was expecting thunder and lightning and that is not what happened. I dropped my basket, grabbed my son, and ran to the back of the store when I heard what I thought was a tornado. It wasn't a tornado, but it was baseball sized hail. I had never seen anything like this in all my life. When it was finally over, I walked outside to see a couple hundred cars totaled. I was shocked and obviously I wasn't thinking clearly. It had been hot that day and so me and my son were in tee shirts. It had chilled down quite a bit and it was drizzling rain. I was crying because I realized that the car I was 3 months away from paying off was completely totaled. Braiden looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm cold." I started looking in the car for something to wrap him up with, when all I found was stuff that was completely soaking wet from melted hail inside my car since all the windows were busted out. I grabbed his hand to take him back inside the grocery store and a woman ran over to us and put a jacket on him and said "Stay warm baby." As quickly as she was there, she was gone. It was like a whirlwind for me and I never even got to thank this woman. Her simple act of kindness is something that I have not, nor will ever forget.

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