10 Kindness Ideas To Do With Your Kids

Submitted by Kelsey G. on February 11, 2016

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10 Random Acts of Kindness To Do With Your Kids

Celebrate #RAKWeek Feb 14-20 and do one of these pay-it-forward activities with your kiddos.

1. Surprise A Deserving Service-Worker: Think of someone in your community who deserves more appreciation (firefighters, nurses, postal service workers, bus drivers, crossing guards, etc.) and bake them cookies or surprise them with a bouquet of flowers!

2. Write a Note of Gratitude: Spend one evening writing a thank you letter to someone who made a difference in your life.

3. Create a Kindness Ideas Jar: Ask each family member to write one or more acts of kindness on separate slips of paper. Fold them all up, put them in a jar, and choose one to do each day. 

4. Share Your Appreciation: Write a note to each family member, telling them why you appreciate them.

5. Pay It Backward: Go to a grocery store, coffee shop, or toll booth and pay for the person behind you.

6. Give Compliments: Practice complimenting each person you talk to one day. BONUS: have a contest to see who can compliment the most people.

7. Be Kind To Yourself: Take a day to be kind to yourself and spend 30min doing something you really love. 

8. Eat Dinner Together: Sit down as family for a meal.

9. Play kindness doorbell dash: Together, create a happiness basket for your neighbor. Then, sneak over to their front door, leave the basket, ring the doorbell and run away as fast as you can!

10. Donate Some Dough: Give your child $20 and tell them they have to do something for others with it. Creativity is encouraged! For inspiration, watch what 8-year-old Abby did with $25 from her grandma.

Check out more #RAKWeek Activities and sign the Kindness Pledge

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