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Submitted by Mireille from Kapuskasing, Ontario

I have set up a box in our workplace (Child and Family Services) and have started by giving the fisrt RAK. Every recipient needs to write what act they received on a strip of paper which will later become part of a paper link chain in order to get a visual of kindness over a 4 week period. I have assigned a person from each program within the agency, including the residence. Lets see how long this paper chain will be =)

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I put $3.00 in a envelope and taped it to a vending machine with a message to have a drink and snack on me with a message Brenlda from Pa

Wow that's a good idea! Justice from Strum

I hope the chain never ends! Brillian Linderluu from Boston

I received a smile to pass on to someone...anyone who is in need ..if I were able to help anyone with anything ,It would be a smile Tina Perkins from San Angelo,Texas

I moved a seniors car so she could just pull out, she gave me a little note that said thank you so much for your kindness. It made me smile! Cindy from Stamford Ct

Due to more and more awareness of being kind to others while at work or just in general, I gave my garbage worker a small pack of cheese crackers and told him "Thanks for your work." He smiled and he seemed to really appreciate my small gesture. I want to continue doing small good deeds at work and around my community. The area I live in could sure use some positiveness and random acts of kindness. Everyone seems so unhappy and unfriendly. Suzanne Wilson from Arlington Heights, Il

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