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I love it Hailey from Hartford

I think thats great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deja Brown from 1477thomas Ave

Its really cool! Hayley from Waikato, Nz

Nice! Unknown from Philippines

As a new School Counselor I'm loving the focus on "Kindness" instead of "Bully Prevention"... The positivity is such a wonderful spin! Kristin from Ohio

very nice ideas i will adapt some of them and use them in my class as i think we all need some kindness in our lives. Maie from Cairo, Egypt

This is really cool! Ezra from Camden, Maine

I love kindness Unknown from Chicago

Wow, i never thought of keeping a weekly checklist! Thanks for the idea! Notma Name from Antartica ( Not )

I really like this cause and this idea. It's beautiful. We should all celebrate kindness and compassion on a daily basis. Shrek from The Swamp

I love this site James from Wellington

Cool I like it :) Benjamin from 33 Upham Terrace

It's grea to spread kindness wherever you go! Mickey Mouse from Disneyland

This is exactly what the world needs in order to change for the better. One act of kindness at a time adds up. I love this website! Titobug from Texas

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