We&Co iPhone App Allows Customers to Say Thanks

Technology has enabled us to create deeper, more lasting relationships with many of the hundreds of people we interact with each year. Facebook is a place to connect with family and friends. LinkedIn is a place to connect with colleagues. And We&Co is a place to connect with the people who provide you outstanding service on a daily basis, but who aren't easily reachable: the woman who cuts your hair just how you like it; the mechanic who fixes your car and doesn't overcharge you; the barista who makes that perfect cup of coffee, every time.

How often do you think to thank your favorite barista, stylist, or mechanic? We challenge you to try it. See if it brightens your day. See if it brightens someone else's day. We're betting it will.

This new free app from We&Co makes it easy to thank these individuals. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation staff was given a sneak peak at this app, and we're excited to see how it will help businesses become more of a place for gratitude and positivity. This will give all those in the service industry a chance to stand out above the rest. Say thanks, download the app!

We&Co App

We&Co Is For Patrons

Download the app. Thank talented people. And become a regular!


We&Co helps you build a relationship with people who help you everyday—your bartender, hairdresser, or your mechanic—all through a thank you.


Receive perks from employees you appreciate at businesses you love. Through We&Co, employees you have thanked can send information and perks that are personalized for you.


Visit and thank your favorite employees again and again to become a regular. For your amazing loyalty, receive special rewards at your favorite businesses.


Collect those people who provide you great service in your little black book. Use We&Co to easily access the people you trust anytime, anyplace.


Need a stylist? See who Mary, your friend in the know, trusts by flipping through her little black book. To receive even better service, say Mary sent you.

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