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Give Your Seat to an Elderly Person

The next time you are traveling by bus or in a public place, offer your seat to an elderly person. This is a great way to show your respect for the elderly, and because you are in a public place your actions will highly visible to many bystanders. This is a great opportunity to set a kind example for all those around you.


You are showing your elders respect in a kind and courteous way.

Step It Up:

Make it a personal goal that whenever you are on a crowded bus, train or public place (doctor's office, waiting room, etc.) that you will always give up your seat for someone. Offer it to an elderly person first, but you can also offer it to anyone! Perhaps there is a pregnant woman or a man struggling to hold a couple of bags and papers. Offer your seat to someone who needs it every time you have the opportunity. This will require you to always be aware of your surroundings; don't get lost in a book or magazine, or zone out listening to music. Be active in looking around you and making sure everyone is okay. You may discover other ways to help people other than giving up your seat. You could stand near a door and hold it open for people as they come and go. Or you could pick up items that someone else dropped. Simply pay attention to others around you. You might even end up starting a conversation and making a new friend!

Keep It Simple:

If you are taking the bus for a short ride only, don't even bother to sit down. Leave the seats for someone else who has longer to travel. Or if you only have a quick wait at the doctor, feel free to stand and leave the seats open for other patients to take.

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