Kindness Ideas

Drink More Water
When you’re healthy and energetic, it is much easier to be kind.

If you didn’t already know, you’re 60% water. So for your body to function at its maximum potential, you need to drink 64 ounces of water a day (or eight 8-ounce glasses, for an easy way to remember). Taking care of your body should be a top priority. Water helps your muscles, mind and everything else that makes you happy and healthy. Ditch the soda and have a nice glass of ice-cold water instead.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
mostly this is for my sister because she doesn't drink water

JULY 25, 2020
I use my own water bottle and when I travel I visit a local store and purchase a small sticker to add to my water bottle. This way I decorate my bottle, provide a memory of my trip, and help out a small business all at the same time.

MARCH 25, 2019
Save plastic bottles. Get a water filter if your tap water at home doesn't taste good.

AUGUST 20, 2018
I bring water from home because my well water tastes better than any bottled water!

NOVEMBER 13, 2017
Here's how to add some fun and kindness to others while adding water to your daily routine. Find a locally owned shop that sells mugs, water bottles, or other containers. Find a fun or inspiring design. Not only are you helping yourself with water, you are cheering yourself up and helping a local business!

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