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Obey Your Parents

Obeying your parents isn’t always easy. It can be hard to stop and do something they have asked you to when you are in the middle of playing a video game or watching your favorite T.V. show.

Being obedient to your parents can be especially hard when you feel pressure from your friends to do something you know your parents wouldn’t approve of. It can be hard to step up to your friends when you need to, but obeying your parents is important, because not only do they know what is best for you, but respecting them is also a way of showing how much you love them.


Usually, when your parents put rules in place, it is not because they are trying to make you miserable or “un-cool.” They create rules to protect you from something they think might be harmful to you. Keep in mind that they’ve lived a lot longer than you, and probably know a lot more. Learn to trust that your parents do know what’s best for. By obeying your parents, you’ll be helping establish trust in your relationship and showing them that you are responsible.

Step It Up

Continue to improve the trust in your relationship with your parents by going out of your way to do things they haven’t even asked you to. Why not do the dishes on a night when your parents look tired? Or pick up your room when you haven’t been asked to.

Keep It Simple

Obey your parents no matter what, even if you think you know better than they do. Just doing something you’ve been asked to do immediately, rather than waiting until they’ve asked you several times will save a lot of stress for both you and your parents.

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