Kindness Ideas

Compliment a Parent on How Well-Behaved Their Child Is
Parenthood can be overwhelming, and sometimes the kind words of a stranger is all it takes to turn a mother or father’s day around.

When you’re in public and you notice a child doing something good, it means the world to a parent to hear that. Whether you’re at a restaurant or the grocery store, make a parent proud with a simple compliment.


I work in daycare so I've had the opportunity to do this! Parents are always very appreciative to hear this
over 4 years ago

I try to do this especially when children are in church or the theater or somewhere where it's hard to sit still and be quiet.
over 3 years ago

As a waiter, I always complement a parent who has a child with a book in front of them rather than a cell phone which sadly, isn't very often.
over 3 years ago

This is not only good for the parents it's good for the kids!
almost 4 years ago

And encourage them when they're obviously having a bad time. Eg; Temper tantrums in a shop.
over 3 years ago

Or even better, compliment a parent when they deal with a tricky situation with their children well, saying, "You dealt with that really well". That way, when a kid is misbehaving which is sometimes out of the parents control, you are sending them the message that despite the behaviour or tricky situation that's happened, you are still doing really well. Because sometimes great parents have children with all sorts of conditions or extra challenges, and the children's behaviour isn't necessarily a reflection of how well they parent or not.
9 months ago