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Find Out Something New About a Coworker

When you see someone almost every day, it can be easy to get caught in the motions of familiar conversation. Make an effort to learn something new about a coworker.

A sliver of compassionate conversation can be all it takes to show a person how genuine and caring you are. Plus, it may evoke a fascinating chat or new friendship. Give a compliment, talk about something that interests you, and make sure you listen, listen, listen.  

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3 months ago
THAT is Awesome!
Lisa Hirschbuhl

6 months ago
I found out that a co-worker was struggling at home with family illnesses, and also with finances. When I was talking to him, I discovered that his wife has sickle cell and is very sick. They travel a far distance to get treatments, and their only car broke down. A group of five of us have decided to each give a gift card to make things a little easier around the holiday. One is going to do a grocery card, one is going to do a pharmacy card, one is going to do a gas card, one is going to do a toys r us card, and one will give a visa gift card. We are going to do this anonymously. We hope this will help him. He does such a great job at work and helps people all day long and never complains a bit about his own troubles. He deserves a bit of kindness.
Debra Tullo

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