Kindness Ideas

Find Out Something New About a Coworker
When you see someone almost every day, it can be easy to get caught in the motions of familiar conversation. Make an effort to learn something new about a coworker.

A sliver of compassionate conversation can be all it takes to show a person how genuine and caring you are. Plus, it may evoke a fascinating chat or new friendship. Give a compliment, talk about something that interests you, and make sure you listen, listen, listen.  


FEBRUARY 2, 2021
Today, I had lunch catered to all my co-workers (teachers/staff). With these uncertain times food and comfort of getting to know someone on a deeper level really sets the tone to a warmer and safer working environment for all. It reminds us that we are not alone in this world and that somewhere out there someone is always there to connect and uplift us. Seeing people smile and now having some want to pay it forward is the greatest gift, it begins with one and then a fire ignites in others...small or big random acts of kindness fills hearts and that is what it's all about❤️ E. Nuñez

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019
I started using my social media to ask my coworkers and friends a different question everyday so I can get to know them better. It's fun seeing all the different answers.

AUGUST 5, 2019
I work in one office supporting the staff there face to face, but I am part of another team who all do the same however we don't get to meet up too often, so we keep in touch by Skype, and ask random questions and check in how we are feeling

APRIL 25, 2019
Found out My boss is getting married!! so happy for him, he's a wonderful person and his fiancé seems perfect for him

FEBRUARY 12, 2019
There are 10 women of different ethnic groups that sit in my area at work. To get to know them better, I organized 3rd Tuesday of the month for each woman to bring in their favorite finger food to share with the others.

FEBRUARY 2, 2019
Such a simple way to be kind to someone!

MARCH 8, 2018
THAT is Awesome!

DECEMBER 9, 2017
I found out that a co-worker was struggling at home with family illnesses, and also with finances. When I was talking to him, I discovered that his wife has sickle cell and is very sick. They travel a far distance to get treatments, and their only car broke down. A group of five of us have decided to each give a gift card to make things a little easier around the holiday. One is going to do a grocery card, one is going to do a pharmacy card, one is going to do a gas card, one is going to do a toys r us card, and one will give a visa gift card. We are going to do this anonymously. We hope this will help him. He does such a great job at work and helps people all day long and never complains a bit about his own troubles. He deserves a bit of kindness.

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