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Call A Grandparent

Our grandparents are an important part of our culture and our history. Spending time with a grandparent is a great way to learn about your heritage, your family history and even about yourself.

You don’t have to live nearby to have a strong relationship with grandparents either. A simple phone call or a letter every now and then can be a way to stay in touch, even if you live far away from them.


Spending time with your grandparents can actually help strengthen your family and your family’s values. It can also improve your social skills.

Step It Up

Make time to regularly visit your grandparents or talk to them on the phone. Find a hobby or interest you have in common or just ask them to tell you stories about when they were your age.

Keep It Simple

Call a grandparent on the telephone, just to say "hello." They will be grateful that you thought of them.

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