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Share a Snack

Many people have the mindset that sharing is something you only do in kindergarten and grade school. Once you’ve reached a certain age, you no longer need to be generous with your belongings, your food, or your money. The truth is that being able to share with others is a habit you should put into practice for the rest of your life. To remind yourself of the importance of sharing, start with something small, like sharing your snacks with your classmates or coworkers, or even with a homeless person on the street.


Being charitable to others is a great habit to put into practice. Initially, you may find that you struggle more to be generous with some things more than others, but with more practice you’ll be able to practice more control over those old habits. Practicing generosity and selflessness in a small area in will likely carry over to other areas of your life. Plus, others always appreciate it when you go out of your way for them.

Step It Up

Make an effort to share snacks with others whenever you can. For example, bake cookies to take with you to school or work at least once a week. Or keep granola bars in your purse or backpack to share with any homeless people you come in contact with.

Keep It Simple

Remember to share snacks with your family or roommates at home. When you make a snack for yourself, offer to make extra for anyone else who would like some.

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