Kindness Ideas

Donate Used Towels or Blankets to a Shelter
Animal shelters are always in need of supplies. Help out by clearing out storage boxes filled with old towels and blankets.

Go above and beyond by donating toys and/or food as well. A popular kindness idea we’ve seen is asking for donations from friends in lieu of birthday or other presents. It’s a great way to get others involved and spread kindness in your life.


FEBRUARY 16, 2022
Many vets will take them too

APRIL 30, 2019
we take sheets and old tshirts also

MARCH 25, 2019
Or to a charity or refuge shelters for people in need.

DECEMBER 28, 2018
Most local humane societies have a "wish list" if you have any questions about donating. When remodeling or just deciding to replace your old linens, please keep these organizations in mind.

AUGUST 18, 2018
Shelters are helping out animals in need who just want a little lovin'. The Shelters love it when people donate. One of my favourite Shelters is where my friend got her dog and cat from and before that she donated to that Shelter and she still does. Shoutout to my friend (can't say her name) *******

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