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Let Someone Go in Front of You

Nearly everyday we encounter a situation where we are required to wait in line. Whether it is at home, school, work or in town, go ahead and let someone in front of you.Waiting in line can often be a frustrating and tedious situation that causes people to become irritable and impatient. Most people experience this while driving. Letting another driver go in front of you when they need to change lanes or make a turn can really make a big difference. Being patient and letting someone in, puts ease to the irksome situation, makes that person’s day a little better, and is simply a considerate gesture.


The benefits of letting someone go in front of you can be exponential. Not only does the act itself help someone out, but it also makes that person happy and more likely to pass on the kind gesture to another person. It eases tensions, allows for positive interactions, and makes everyone’s day a little better.

Step It Up

Be aware of others around you when you are waiting in line. Look for people who appear to be in a hurry, overwhelmed by the situation or have been waiting for a long period of time. Seek the person out and voluntarily invite them to go in front of you.

A great way for kids to practice this is while at school. For example, you could let a classmate go in front of you while waiting in line for the drinking fountain, restroom, playground or in the cafeteria. You could also let a friend or sibling go in front of you when waiting to play a game or check out a new toy.

Keep It Simple

Let someone go in front of you when you have plenty of time to spare.

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