Kindness Ideas

Large first grade classroom
Have A Kindness Coloring Contest
Ask your students to draw examples of random acts of kindness or illustrate what kindness means to them

Display all the drawings on a bulletin board or ask the students to vote on a winner.

  • great idea

    Bernadette Hingley

    about 2 years ago
  • I think this is a great beginning for my class.

    Sherri Rivera

    about 2 years ago
  • Perfect for kindness week!

    Teresa Allen

    almost 3 years ago
  • Being a kind person means you are charitable, considerate, generous, tolerent, understanding, and free from meanness.

    Nafeesah Ceesay

    almost 3 years ago
  • Such a lovely idea

    Amber Alker

    about 3 years ago
  • Children are the best resource we have to build communities of kindness.

    Tanya Duncan

    about 3 years ago
  • great for young children

    koral walters

    over 3 years ago
  • Great project for Unity Day!

    Jodi Frovold

    over 3 years ago
  • Perfect for the first day of school!

    Shannan Nolte

    over 3 years ago
  • I liked this idea.

    Brinleigh Waxter

    over 5 years ago

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