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Clean Your Room

Pick up your bedroom without being asked by a parent. Your parents will be proud of your responsibility! And chances are, you'll enjoy having a clean room!


Keeping your bedroom clean means fewer accidents! If there is nothing on the floor (clothes, toys, books, etc.) then there is nothing to trip over! Your bedroom will be a more peaceful place.

Step It Up:

Keep your bedroom clean regularly! Don't let a mess build up! It is so much easier to keep things neat by cleaning up as you go. Jump in on other chores where your help would be appreciated. Clean the dishes one night without being asked. Or fold laundry for your brother or sister. Don't just clean your room, but help your sibling clean theirs.

Keep It Simple:

Even if cleaning is really not something that comes naturally to you that's okay! You can start small. Pick up your clothes off the floor and put them in the hamper. Do the laundry another day. Dust your dresser another day. Vacuum the floor another day. It doesn't have to be all at once! Just pick one thing a day to start and go from there.

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