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Thank Your Employees

If you ask most people what makes a good boss, you’d probably get a variety of answers – a good boss is someone with great communication skills, strong ethics and good leadership skills.

It’s also likely that you’ll hear people say that a good boss is someone who shows appreciation and respect for their employees. It's not always easy, but if you're in a management position, do your best to be a kind leader to those who report to you.


Being a good boss is essential to the productivity, performance and attitude of your employees. A 2008 survey from the American Management Association showed that employees who think their bosses are kind are more likely to be hard workers, and go out of their way to benefit the company.

Step It Up

If your employees have showed their commitment to you and the company you stand for, it’s time for you to go the extra mile for them. Take your employees out to a special lunch or throw them an appreciation party – just to show how much you are grateful for their hard work!

Keep It Simple

Make sure your employees know that they are appreciated. Go out of your way to write a hand-written thank you note – not an e-mail – to let them know how they have "wowed" you.

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