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Be Polite on the Road

Practice kindness on the road by being polite to other drivers. When a driver tries to merge into your lane, let them in with a wave and a smile. Or, if another driver makes you angry, try to let it go, instead of retaliating.

A good way to maintain composure is to always leave enough room between you and the car in front of you for another car to get in. That way you will never feel cut off!


The more polite drivers there are out there, the more safe the roads will be!

Step It Up:

Practice polite driving every time you are in the car. Be actively polite--always respect the speed limit, use your turn indicators, and keep your focus on the road. If you need to call someone, pull over and make the phone call. Never text while you are driving. If you have a screaming baby in the back, pull over until they calm down and you can concentrate while driving. When you respect the rules of the road and keep your full attention on driving, you simultaneously respect the other drivers on the road.

Keep It Simple:

Focus on making one change at a time. If the temptation to text while you drive is too much, put your phone away or even turn it off. The next time you feel that someone cut you off just make the decision to let it go, and leave more room between you and the car in front of you for the remainder of your drive. If you are speeding because you are running late, start leaving earlier for things. You won't get so angry at the other drivers on the road if you aren't tense and in a rush yourself. Try one thing at a time, and once you get a hang of it, add in another.

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